New video patch

The Video Shredder went belly-up earlier this year. The hard drive died. Yes, I have a backup but … time to move on. I’m working on a new patch using Max/MSP and softVNS –

mixer patch

I’m mixing Quicktime movies with the v.composite object, the long box near the bottom of the window. Three objects feed the mixer. Each movie is controlled by an array of ‘transport’ messages and a speed control. Each mixer channel has a simple level control. The output of the mixer goes to v.window.

Eventually, I will add the Korg nanoKONTROL. But, at the moment I’m working on editing video loops.

The Video Shredder used a 48 frame internal loop. Video input could be added to the loop in real time using a variety of ‘effects’. This time, instead of a single video input I’m layering prerecorded loops. It’s a different process. It’s more like ‘mixing’ audio samples in real time.

Here are some preliminary results –

image01  image02

image03  image04

image05  image06

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