Loup-Garou miniTour, March 2010

photo by Setheyny Pen

Loup-Garou: [Werewolf]
Setheyny Pen – toy piano, percussion
Walter Wright – electronics, video

“Loup-Garou [Werewolf] is collaborative group consisting of Setheyny Pen of Ralph Eats Dynamite and Walter Wright of Apocalypso Trio. The pairing of sound sources can at first seem unlikely or perhaps unsettling. The introduction of melody from the damaged primitive sounds of the toy piano jars some peoples idea of free improv sound. The result is playful and disarming at times, conflicting and challenging other moments.” — Josh Baker

Tuesday March 16, Setheyny and I drive to Baltimore MD. Hoping for a gig, nothing materializes so we hang out with Audrey & Iven Chen. Bonnie Jones and a couple of others drop by and Audrey cooks dinner.

Left to right, Audrey and Iven’s New Year’s Tiger, Audrey cooks dinner, and The Kitchen Goddess.

Wednesday March 17, we take the beltway around Washington DC, detour up onto Skyline Drive, then on to Roanoke. Ralph Eaton meets us at The Water Heater. We unload then Ralph takes us downtown. We eat dinner, return to the venue, and play for a small, enthusiastic crowd –

Skyline Drive, looking up and looking down into the Shenandoah Valley.

The Water Heater, Setheyney and Ralph.

Setheyny with horns, Ralph with Art Rat and a rubber chicken.

Video by Matt Ames from The Water Heater, Roanoke VA.

Thursday March 18, we head south to Asheville NC. That evening we play twice – at Izzy’s Coffee Den with Claire Elizabeth Barratt, movement, and Megan McKissack, video; then at 220 Broadway a couple of blocks away.

Claire at Rosetta’s Kitchen, Megan at Izzy’s.

Izzy’s Coffee Den, Claire dancing in her PJs.

Izzy’s Coffee Den, Setheyny.

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