Kit’s Studio, February 2010

It’s a nice morning, sunny, not too cold. Mary Ann, Setheyny and I drive to Kit’s Studio in Parsonfield ME. Here’s some pictures –


From top left, clockwise – view of the backyard from the studio, Ivy’s glass, Kit’s helmet from Sacred & Profane, more of Ivy’s glass.

Loup-Garou plays with Mike Dailey that afternoon. Mike heads back to MA for a gig. We play with Kit that evening. We drink wine and sit around the fire with Ivy and Kit. Here are the sound files –

Loup-Garou: [Werewolf]
Setheyny Pen – drums
Walter Wright – electronics
Kit Demos – analog synth

Loup-Garou: [Werewolf]
Setheyny Pen – toy piano, percussion
Walter Wright – electronics
Mike Dailey – guitar

Next morning we have coffee with Kit and Ivy. We head home, stopping at a diner for breakfast. Nice moose!


From top left, clockwise – the ‘solarium,’ backyard, Mary Ann & Walter, the diner moose.

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