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Painting #984

November 21, 2011

painting #984

Painting #983

November 20, 2011

painting #983

Painting #982

November 19, 2011

painting #982

Painting #981

November 18, 2011

painting #981

Painting #980

November 17, 2011

painting #980


November 16, 2011

What is Processing? Here’s a brief explanation from the book –

“The Processing language is a text programming language specifically designed to generate ad modify images. Processing strives to achieve a balance between clarity and advanced features. Beginners can write their own programs after only a few minutes of instruction, but more advanced users can employ and write libraries with additional functions. The system facilitates teaching many computer graphics and interaction techniques including vector/raster drawing, image processing, color models, mouse and keyboard events, network communications, and object-oriented programming. Libraries easily extend Processing’s ability to generate sound, send/receive data in diverse formats and to import and export 2D and 3D file formats.”
~ Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists, Casey Reas & Ben Fry

Processing can be downloaded from

I bought the book last year and worked through the examples. Then the Art Department at UMass offered me a section of Digital Foundation. Why not teach art students programming?

“The ability to ‘read’ a medium means you can access materials and tools created by others. The ability to “write’ in a medium means that you can generate materials and tools for others. You must have both to be literate. In print writing, the tools you generate are rhetorical; they demonstrate and convince. In computer writing, the tools you generate are processes; they simulate and decide.”
~ Allan Kay, Xerox Parc and Apple Corp

The Processing Development Environment [PDE] consists of a simple text editor for writing code, a message area, a text console, tabs for managing files, a toolbar with buttons for common actions, and a series of menus. When programs are run, they open a display window.

Processing Development Environment (PDE)

Sketches are written using the text editor. The message area gives feedback when saving and loading. The console display text output from the sketch. It also displays error messages (in red). Toolbar buttons allow you to run and stop the sketch, create a new sketch, open, save and export the sketch.

Painting #979

November 16, 2011

painting #979

Painting #978

November 15, 2011

painting #978

Painting #977

November 14, 2011

painting #977

Painting #976

November 13, 2011

painting #976