Gigs, January 2012

Jan 20 @ 119 Gallery
a duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums
a duo: Kit Demos – electronics; Walter Wright – electronics
a larger group: a larger group: Joe Burgio, Betty Wang – movement; Glynis Lomon – cello, voice; Junko Simons – cello; Kit Demos – double bass; Walter Wright – drums
Dr T – video mix

Jan 21 @ Opensound, Somerville MA
Apocalypso: [NY MA] Joe Burgio – movement; Shayna Dulberger – double bass, electronics; Chris Welcome – guitar; Walter Wright – electronics, video

Jan 26 @ Frontier Cafe, Brunswick ME
a duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar; Walter Wright – drums, electronics

Jan 28 @ Distant Castle, Worcester MA
Nenakata: [Lowell] Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar; Eric Stewart – voice, guitar; Olivia Close – bass, drums; Anthony Richerdz – drums, bass; Ghandi – drums; Walter Wright – electronics, drums

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