March of the Honeytones

Monday March 26 8pm @ Weirdo Records, Cambridge MA

Norton Wright Duo:
Steve Norton – reeds, nanoKorg, iPad, iPhone, toy piano
Walter Wright – Board Weevils, BPNG
Danelectro N10A Honey Tone Mini Amps (in Aqua)

Here’s a link, March of the Honeytones live

March of the Honeytones
review by Gordon Marshall (sent from his iPhone 3/29/2012)

Always those crickets at night whenever Steve plays sweet and low Walter buzzing around like fireflies fired after drinking on the job like we used to do years ago but we never got caught

Music box in the background in the nursery quiet as night and then bells and static gnarled and twisted and wonky all tense and nasty but somewhere the beat goes on

The beat is beaten up taken down in the alley smashed in the belly and the balls it’s down and out what can the sax do but blow

Sidereal sentences of sound sucked down the drain thoughts of my poem on my niece in the woods the night is dark and dangerous though the bells ring

Pleasant beeps and shifting tones on toy piano calibrated and collecting like rain in a basin bearing rainbows scraped with a spoon

The static of an AM radio station sets the night off like a grenade the pipes are humming and low the TV is on in the living room bright in the dark

Warm organ tones but robotic abdominal activity the acids getting stronger tearing up the lining of the stomach send the fire engines down

Whistling and kettles running out of money the bank is broke the storm rips down the roof throw it out it’s burnt sheer nonsense itching and angry annoying and intolerable is it me

The rug is soaked and it’s cold and the blankets are all dirty the sax doesn’t know this just dodders around

Somehow the sax makes sense out of the mud like a therapist out of a patient

Trails of bales of hay on the path to the prom on the country farm where the chickens hatch their eggs

A nightingale out of its element

Harmonies high and rich as a rock star and all stops

Playing cards stuck in bicycle spokes ring the bell on the handlebar like little Celia on the driveway

The auto idles as the child sings in circles

Flight of budgies air let out of a bicycle tire key tones tempered and tampered with a balloon goes berserk as air escapes

Calm hum like night with the fan on cars whizzing by outside ringing and humming all around bells beyond the distant fields the wild warm world of nature bugs hiding in the grass badgers and beavers it’s always war and peace an equilibrium ill at ease

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