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Painting #1108

March 24, 2012

painting #1108

Painting #1107

March 23, 2012

painting #1107

Painting #1106

March 22, 2012

painting #1106

Painting #1105

March 21, 2012

painting #1105

Painting #1104

March 20, 2012

painting #1104

Painting #1103

March 19, 2012

painting #1103

Lak Wright Duo miniTour, March 2012

March 18, 2012

Lak Wright Duo:
Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics
Walter Wright – electronics, drums

Mar 10 @ Fryeburg Church, Fryeburg ME with Kit & Alonzo
Mar 11 @ Sweet Demon, Hadley MA
Mar 12 @ Exapno, Brooklyn NY
Mar 13 @ Red Room, Baltimore MD
Mar 14 @ Art Rat Studios, Roanoke VA
Mar 15 * busking in around Asheville, NC with Claire Elizabeth Barratt
Mar 16 @ Random Tea Room, Philadelphia PA
Mar 17 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA with Natura Morta

Saturday March 10 First Congregational Church, Fryeburg ME
with Kit Demos & Alonzo Holliday.

Annual Benefit Concert for the Brownfield Food Pantry. Arrived 6pm with just enough time to set up, sound check and eat some great food provided by the organizers. An eclectic lineup including –

Katherine Rhoda – Marxaphone violin-guitar & various instruments
Lak Wright Duo with
Alonzo Holliday – sax, wind-controller & Kaoss Pad
Kit Demos – double bass, DIY analog synthesizer
from the Mystic OutBop Review.
Darlene Jerome-Gijuninag – Native American songwriter, drummer
Puckerbrush with Seth Austen – Celtic tunes on fiddle, guitar, accordion, cello and flute.

We played a 20min set conducted by a darkroom timer as follows –
20 > 16min – Alonzo & Kit
16 > 12min – Alonzo & Steph
12 > 08min – Steph & Walter
08 > 00min – all together now! 30sec to go, crescendo to 0min then pull the plug.

Maybe the largest audience on the tour, they were fascinated with the Board Weevil and with Steph’s toys. The program was eclectic, the sound was great.

Sunday March 11 Sweet Demon, Hadley MA
Returned to Lowell, finished packing, then off to Western MA.

On the road with Stephanie Lak.

Dinner in Northampton with Eric Amerman and his dad, then on to Sweet Demon in Hadley. The lineup –

Tundra Toddler
Lak/Wright Duo
Sam Gas Can
Fort Fizzle

House venue, we played in the attic done-up in egg cartons and tiny blue lights. Exact opposite of the church in Fryeburg, we did harsh noise. Stayed the night at Eric’s dad’s recording studio in Springfield MA. Quite the facility!

We had hoped to record the next day but the studio was booked. Off to MassMoCA. Here are some pics –

Sanford Biggers: The Cartographer’s Conundrum in the big hall.

Sanford Biggers: The Cartographer’s Conundrum detail.

Sanford Biggers: The Cartographer’s Conundrum detail, Eric and Stephanie.

“The Cartographer’s Conundrum is a major multi-disciplinary installation By New York-based artist Sanford Biggers. This new work is inspired by the Houston, Texas based artist, scholar and Afro-futurist John Biggers (1924-2001). A cousin of his subject, Sanford Biggers’ goal is to both study and expand the emerging genre of Afrofuturism, which engages science-fiction, cosmology and technology to create a new folklore of the African Diaspora while simultaneously illuminating the underrepresented career of master painter and muralist John Biggers.”
~ from the Exhibit Guide.

Sol LeWitt: Wall drawings.

Sol LeWitt: Wall drawings.

Sol LeWitt: Wall drawings.

Sol LeWitt: Wall drawings.

“Each wall drawing begins as a set of instructions or simple diagram to be followed in executing the work. As the exhibition makes clear, these straightforward instructions yield an astonishing—and stunningly beautiful—variety of work that is at once simple and highly complex, rigorous and sensual. The drawings in the exhibition range from layers of straight lines meticulously drawn in black graphite pencil lead, to rows of delicately rendered wavy lines in colored pencil; from bold black-and-white geometric forms, to bright planes in acrylic paint arranged like the panels of a folding screen; from sensuous drawings created by dozens of layers of transparent washes, to a tangle of vibratory orange lines on a green wall, and much more. Forms may appear to be flat, to recede in space, or to project into the viewer’s space, while others meld to the structure of the wall itself.”
~ from the Exhibit Guide.

After MassMoCA we’re off to the next gig … nice drive down Rte 7 into Connecticut, I84/684 into New York.

Monday March 12 Exapno, Brooklyn NY
Arrived in downtown Brooklyn 8pm, found parking, unloaded, and set up.

Exapno, Stephanie on the left, Amy Mills on the right.

The lineup included –

Josh Millrod – trumpet, electronics
Jesse DeRosa – EVI, trumpet, electronics
Amy Mills – double guitar
Lak Wright Duo
Joey Molinaro – grindcore violin

Great space, two full-sized lofts joined mid-building. A collective of collectives says Joey. Exapno being one of the collectives.

“A place where musicians come to compose, rehearse and perform for the monthly price of a gym membership. Though composing is generally seen as a lonely pursuit, Exapno fosters a community of composers working side by side in a supportive work environment. With no hassle, Exapno members simply sign out the mainspace to get their work heard in an informal concert setting. More broadly, members benefit from the rich opportunities found in the diverse talents of our music community.”
~ from the website.

In the audience Chris Welcome, Shayna Dulberger and Robert Pepper from PAS. Opening set Grasshopper, sound generated by two trumpets and layered by electronics. Amy next on double guitar, the top one sounded like a gamelan, the bottom one more guitar like. Lak Wright Duo and then Joey on violin and foot stomping. Great enthusiasm and a sense of urgency, he played 16 songs in 20min.

                   Walter is Shayna’s cat.

Packed up and followed Chris and Shayna out to Bay Ridge where we talked for awhile and then crashed for the night. Late morning, after coffee, we headed back into Brooklyn, to The Bagel Store on Metropolitan Ave.

The Bagel Store.

Dropped Eric off … on to our next gig in Baltimore via I95/New Jersey Turnpike.

Tuesday March 13 Red Room, Baltimore MD
We arrived early, went across the street for a vegetable roti. Andrew arrived, opened up the bookstore and we loaded in. The Red Room is no longer red, no longer smells like a litter box. It’s blue. It’s clean and has lights and a nice PA.

“The Red Room is an unusual space located in Baltimore. Run by a collective, it is dedicated to radically experimental culture: freely improvised music, electronic sound, esoteric & self-built instruments, the outer limits of jazz, new musical genres, experimental film, performance, and other, more obscure “out-of-compartment” activities.”
~ from the website.

                   Stephanie and her new harp, thanks Shayna!

The lineup for the evening –

Bernstein ??? Schmidt Trio:
Andrew Bernstein – snare drum, percussion
??? – tympani, percussion
Martin Schmidt – floor tom, percussion, mic
Lak Wright Duo

I decided to play drums, along with three other drummers. Their set built from percussion on walls, books, objects and floor to the actual instruments … a snare, tympani and floor tom. Martin added a couple of jars of water and microphone. Intricate play of rhythms, textures and a variety of sounds from skitters to assertive clangs and bangs. Our set covered a broad range of sounds from the muffled snare and upturned salad bowl to processed voice, harp and electronics. There was a good audience. We made gas money at the door and sold a CD.

We locked up the gear in the room, headed out for a beer with Andrew and the other musicians. Several beers later we drove back to Andrew’s house, where we crashed for the night. Got up late next morning, loaded up and took off for Virginia. Beltway around Washington DC then I66. We stopped in Front Royal for supplies for a black bean salad. Lunch and Skyline Drive and onto I81.

Skyline Drive on our way to Roanoke VA.

Wednesday March 14 Art Rat Studios, Roanoke VA
Late afternoon we arrived in Roanoke and made our way to Ralph Eaton’s studio. Ralph and Mary Ann were off at the store buying beer. They’re setting up the Power Tool Drag Racing track.

Stephanie and the Power Tool Drag Racing Flag Girls.

Ralph and Mary Ann return, we load in. It’s a huge industrial space. Two large rooms, one each for Ralph and his studio mate, and several smaller rooms for offices and storage. The ceiling must be 14-16′ high with sawtooth skylights. The floors concrete. We set up beside the house band.

Stephanie, Mary Ann, Ralph and Art Rat.

Ralph’s studio.

The lineup for tonight –

Lak Wright Duo
Lak Wright Duo, again
Mateo Marquez and Amanda Agricola – live video, Quartz Composer and Mad Mapper.

We hung out with Ralph and his studio mate. We played two short sets, excellent video. Heevanaha played loud with impressive precision. It was quite the party!

I recorded the second set –
Live recording, @ Art Rat Studios, Roanoke VA

Some of Ralph’s toys.

We crashed at Ralph’s house, got up late, went for lunch up the street from the studio, loaded out. Mary Ann stayed in Roanoke for an extra day, Stephanie and I continued on I81 to North Carolina.

Thursday March 15 Day off, Asheville NC
Crossed the border into Tennessee then cut across toward Asheville on I26. On the pass from Tennessee into North Carolina we are stopped dead by …

Pebble-sized hail all over the hood.

We pulled into downtown Asheville, called Claire (Elizabeth Barratt) on the cell. She answered from across the street. We waved. She pointed out a free, safe parking spot. We walked around for a bit, drove down to the River Arts District. We met Jacob (Oley) at Wedge Brewery.

Stephanie and Claire.

We stopped by the Asheville Area Arts Council and The Lift Studios. We drove back downtown, ate dinner at Rosetta’s Kitchen. It was 8:30pm. Bars and restaurants, two or three to a block were open, tables set outside, music. We walked through the downtown to the Craggie Brewing Company to see Claire’s friends, Ahleuchatistas: Shane Perlowin – guitar, Ryan Dail – drums. They played on the brewery floor, in front of the vats. They were awesome! We crashed at Claire’s.

The new MOOG factory in Asheville.

Got up early, coffee then a 10hr drive back north to Pennsylvania.

Friday March 16 Random Tea Room, Philadelphia PA
We arrived at the Random Tea Room, had a cup of tea, loaded into the back courtyard.

Stephanie drinking mate!

The lineup for tonight –

Lak Wright Duo
Post Shower Drip

I recorded our set –
Live recording @ Random Tea Room, Philadelphia PA

Decided to drive to Lowell immediately after the show, avoiding I95 traffic through New York City. Abuzz after several gourds of mate, Stephanie took the first shift. I took the second. We arrived back at 5am. I slept most of the next day.

Refineries, Rahway NJ

Saturday March 17 119 Gallery, Lowell MA
I recovered by late afternoon. Mary Ann cleaned up the gallery after Jim Jeffers’ performance. Stephanie multitracked a new song. This was the final show of our miniTOUR … 7 shows in 8 days, 2,147 miles, 2 jars of peanut butter, rice crackers, and a new harp. The lineup was –

Frenette Rohr McLellan Trio:
Kevin Frenette – guitar
James Rohr – Fender Rhodes
John McLellan – drums
Natura Morta:
Frantz Loriot – viola
Sean Ali – double bass
Carlo Costa – drums
Lak Wright Duo

Everyone played well. Stephanie hooked 2 Honeytones on her belt. One attached to a contact mic duct-taped over her mouth, the other to her toy bullfroghorn. My Honeytone sat beside me on a chair.

I recorded the final 10min of our set –
Live recording @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA

Painting #1102

March 18, 2012

painting #1102

Painting #1101

March 17, 2012

painting #1101

Painting #1100

March 16, 2012

painting #1100