Apocalypso CD Release miniTour

This is the cover of our new Apocalypso CD, self-titled. The artwork, Indians hunting a Glyptotherium is by Shayna.

Glyptotherium is an extinct genus of glyptodontid, a group of extinct mammals related to the armadillo. Glyptotherium may have been wiped out by climate change or human interference.

Like its living relative, the armadillo, Glyptotherium had a shell which covered its entire body, similar to a turtle. However, unlike a turtle’s shell, the Glyptotherium shell was made up of hundreds of small six-sided scales. Some species grew up to six feet long and its armor weighed up to a ton.

Remains of Glyptotherium species have been found in tropical and subtropical regions of Central America, Mexico, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas to Arizona.

Friday July 13, we start the tour at 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA. The lineup for tonight is –

Ali Henry Duo:
Sean Ali – upright bass
Jake Henry – trumpet
Joe Burgio – movement
Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics
Chris Welcome – guitar
Walter Wright – electronics

The tour starts in Lowell at 119 Gallery. Sean and Jake arrive at 6pm, unload, head out to find food. Shortly thereafter Chris and Shayna arrive and unload. I’m watering the vertical garden, part of the gallery’s mural. Joe arrives and together we reconfigure the gallery. Show starts at 8pm. Apocalypso plays first followed by Ali Henry Duo, then we all play together.

Here’s our set and the set with Sean and Jake –

track02 [ Joe Pony ]

We head out to the Worthen House, established in 1898, notable patrons are include Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Kerouac, and Jimmy Breslin. It’s a late night!
Saturday July 14, at l’envers in Montreal QC.

We regroup next morning, down one. Joe isn’t able to come on tour, last minute responsibilities. Sean and Jake head south to Brooklyn, NY, and we head north to Montreal, QC. It’s hot. We’re hoping for cooler weather in Canada. A 40min wait at the border; we wait 20min in line then, as “musiciens” we wait 20min in Immigration while they check our venues for booze and ticket sales.

We arrive in Montreal around 6pm, unload, then head out for dinner. It’s just as hot in Montreal!

We arrive back at l’envers at 8pm. The tiny air conditioner is doing its best but it’s getting hotter and more humid. We set up behind TFGQ. People trickle in … Evan Lipson, who has moved to Montreal, arrives with Chloe and Yannick from AIDs Wolf. Joe, Shayna, Ellwood and I are in their video AIDS Wolf wins the Polaris Prize, they didn’t but they probably should have. Gradually the room fills. Matt and Emily-Jayne from Leamers arrive.

We start at 10pm, TFGQ lead off followed by Apocalypso –

That Fucking Guitar Quartet:
Chris Burns (Nutsak, Terminal Sunglasses, Ratchet Orchestra)
David Dugas Dion (David and the Woods, Crabe, Maxos le Gervoïde)
Martin Hoëk (Crabe, Leamers, Couteau de Laitier)
Alex Pelchat (Miller//Pelchat, Leftovers Diable!, TheHighSchool)
And guess what, they all play guitar …
Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics
Chris Welcome – guitar
Walter Wright – electronics

Here’s our set –


We load out and follow Matt and Emily-Jayne to their place in East Montreal. They’ve just moved in, the house is strewn with boxes, odd instruments, and a cage for their bunny named Walter. Chris and Shayna have a cat named Walter, now a bunny! We check out the backyard, return to sit around the kitchen table talking for an hour or so, then clear a spot and crash.
Sunday July 15, at Umi Cafe in Ottawa ON. Umi Cafe is located in Ottawa’s Chinatown but their website is in German!

We’re up mid-morning, find our way back to the kitchen where Emily-Jayne is making breakfast that includes eggs, fried cheese, potatoes with assorted veggies and seasonings, and bacon. Delicious! We could stay forever but … on to Ottawa.

We pack up and hit the trail, highway 417 to be more accurate, arriving around 6pm.

The cafe owner has double booked. Our sponsors, Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais arrive in the persons of Craig Pedersen and Renee Yoxon. The owner wonders if we would like to play upstairs. What’s upstairs? A private invite-only karaoke bar! Of course, a great room with a bar, a stage and space for the audience.

I call my nephew Paul to tell we’re here and redirect him to the second floor.

The lineup is just us –

Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics
Chris Welcome – guitar
Walter Wright – electronics

We play two sets followed by a Q&A session –


The Q&A session wasn’t recorded. It was fun answering questions, meeting and talking with audience members. We head out for a food & beer with my nephew Paul and Craig. Back to Paul’s house on Rosemont St where we spend the night.
Monday July 16, at l’envers in Montreal QC.

Up bright and early, Karen and the kids, Maise and Seamus are off to see cows at the University of Ottawa Farm. We walk with Paul to a local diner where we meet Craig. After breakfast we pack up and return to Montreal. Back at l’envers, we record two sets with Elwood Epps and a third with Evan Lipson –

Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics
Chris Welcome – guitar
Walter Wright – electronics
Ellwood Epps – trumpet
Evan Lipson – upright bass

Here are all three sets –


[addng more narrative here, walk down Parc, visiting Chloe and Yannick]
Tuesday July 17, at Marsonic 204 in Montreal QC.

[breakfast with Chloe & Yannick, pancakes, arsenal museum, veggie dinner, david and martins rehearsal space, hanging out at martins]

Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics
Chris Welcome – guitar
Walter Wright – electronics
David Dugan Dion – drums (Crabe)
Emily-Jane – drums, melodica (Leamers)
Matt Lee – guitar (Leamers)
Martin Hoek – guitar (Crabe)

track09 Apocalypso
track10 Emily-Jayne & Walter
track11 Chris & Walter
track12 Chris & David
Tuesday July 18, at Cafe Maglianero in Burlington VT.

Wednesday July 19, at 119 Gallery in Lowell MA.


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