Gigs, October 2012

October 6 @ 119 Gallery
Dr T’s 70th Birthday Party
Michael Bloom, Joe Burgio, Dave Bryant, Lou Cohen, Eric Crawley, Michael F Dailey Jr, Kit Demos, Junko Fujiwara, Mike Funiole, Karen Langlie, Glynis Lomon, Andrea Pensado, Eric Rosenthal, Walter Wright
Gregory Kowalski, Dr T – live video

October 16 @ Weirdo Records, Cambridge MA
One-Armed Mist: ARKM Foam – himself; Steve Norton – sopranino, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics

October 26 @ 119 Gallery (my 71st Birthday)
Los Condenados: Steve Norton – sopranino; Andrea Pensado – laptop; Walter Wright – electronics
Crank Sturgeon, Nico Poisson, Chloe Bonnard, Id m Theftable, BIG & little, DJ DA, VJ Kowalski

October 31 @ Brian’s Ivy, Lowell MA
BiRdOrGaN: Michael F Dailey Jr – drums, voice; Mike Funaiole – analog synth; Walter Wright – drums

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