Bats From Pogo miniTour, January 2013

Bats From Pogo:
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Walter Wright – electronics, drums

Bewitched, Bothered and Bemildred: a trio of grubby, unshaven bats—hobos, gamblers, good-natured but innocent of any temptation to honesty. They admit nothing. Soon after arriving in the swamp they are recruited by Deacon Mushrat into the “Audible Boy Bird Watchers Society,” (a seemingly innocent play on the Audubon Society, but really a front for Mole’s covert surveillance syndicate.) They wear identical black derbies and perpetual 5 o’clock shadows. Their names, a play on the song title Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, are rarely mentioned. Often even they cannot say for sure which brother is which. They tell each other apart, if at all, by the patterns of their trousers — striped, checkered or plaid. (According to one of the bats, “Whichever pair of trousers you puts on in the morning, that’s who you are for that partic’lar day.”)”
~ Wikipedia, Pogo (comic strip)

Jan 4 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA with TJ Borden, mysterybear, TRIODE
Jan 5 @ The Red Room, Baltimore MD with Scintilla
Jan 6 @ Tufts U, Philadelphia PA with Eun Jung Choe, Asimina Cremos, Jack Wright, and more
jan 6 @ The Rotunda, Philadelphia PA with Bob Bennett, Scintilla

Friday January 4 119 Gallery, Lowell MA
This is the first night of our micro (smaller than a mini) tour. The first event of the new year includes –

TJ Borden Trio: [Buffalo NY] TJ Borden – amplified cello; Pat Cain – sax, vocals, electronics; Martin Freeman – guitar, electronics
mysterybear aka Dave Seidel – solo electronics [Peterborough NH]
TRIODE: [Jamaica Plain MA] Stephen Bonner – analog synth; Jesse Cousineau – analog synth; Peter Gamaskas – analog synth
Bats From Pogo with deiX – voice, electronics, no pants

Here’s our set –
Live recording 01, @ 119 Gallery.

The next morning we get up early, breakfast at the Owl Diner, drive to Baltimore. We arrive early, hang out at Normals Bookstore.

January 5 @ The Red Room, Baltimore MD
Andrew Bernstein and Jeff Carey appear around 6pm. Bob Falesch and Jack Wright pull in. We set up. Andrea, Jack and I tune up. Jeff hears us from the store, turns on record –
Live recording 01, @ Red Room, warm up with Jack.

Scintilla: [Easton PA, Ogdenburg NY] Bob Falesch – electronics; Jack Wright – sax
Bats From Pogo

Here are the two sets from that evening –
Live recording 02, @ Red Room, Scintilla
Live recording 03, @ Red Room, Bats From Pogo.

and a video 8^)

We drove back to Philadelphia that evening, stayed at Spring Garden Music.

January 6 @ Temple U, Philadelphia PA
Up early next morning. We participate in an improv session at Temple U with Eun Jung Choi, Asimina Cremos, Jack Wright and others. We go shopping, then everyone decides to take nap. We wake up late, hop in the Jack’s car and head to University Town.

January 6 @ The Rotunda, Philadelphia PA
That evening we play at the Rotunda with Bob Bennett and Scintilla. Jack and Bob play first, then Bob, then Bats From Pogo. We end the evening with a 5tet, all of us, together.

Here is our set and the 5tet in two parts –
Live recording 01, @ the Rotunda, Bats From Pogo.
Live recording 02, @ the Rotunda, 5tet, part one.
Live recording 03, @ the Rotunda, 5tet, part two.

These recordings sound really, really good, thanks Jack. I thought the sound would be less than ideal in the room, a big cavernous space ready to swallow up the sound but it doesn’t sound like that at all.

A couple of days after the concert Jack wrote, “I’ve been listening to and transferring the DAT I made of the Rotunda concert, of which I now have the second-half tape, and it is superb, musically and sonically. The first tape was unsatisfactory for me, the duo of myself and Bob, in which the balance was poor, or at least my distance from the mike was too evident; and Ben’s solo, which was poorly recorded due to his distance from the mikes, and often very quiet. But the Walter-Andrea duo is crystal clear and the tracks well separated for better mixing. And the 5tet really knocked me out: 30 minutes of what sounds like good balance (though I can’t tell the electronics apart), with the exception that Ben is often lost in the mix, until things quiet down a bit. I was satisfied with my own level, where I was often buried (I seem to have some kind of psychological need to be buried but still audible!) but coming through like a descant above the fray, or a subterranean animal growling from below.

“I hear this as something I’ve been working towards over the years, a large (and expandable) group, in the direction of an orchestra, that mixes electronics and acoustics. That was my weekend Nonet project, which ended because I was never satisfied on the musical level, and participants I wanted were hard to come by. To our quintet I would add Carol Genetti, vocalist from Chicago who usually plays in a quieter setting (though recently in Chicago we had a quintet that got almost as raucous as ours). And I would, if he wants, add some amplification for Ben that would be under his control so that he could have a boost when he wanted. And perhaps a bass.”

So perhaps we will all be back together soon, watch out 8^)


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