Gigs, February 2013

February 8 @ 119 Gallery
Solos, duets and other configurations featuring
CJ Boyd – electric bass guitar and Jessica Pavone – violin
with Kit Demos – upright bass, electronics; Luther Gray – drums, percussion; Steve Norton – reeds, celesta, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums

February 16 Opensound @ Third Life Yoga, Somerville MA
bodydrama: Joe Burgio – movement with Lou Cohen – laptop; Forbes Graham – trumpet; Steve Norton – reeds, electronics; Andrea Pensado – laptop, zither; Matt Samolis – flute
Live movement & soundtrack for the film Fall of the House of Usher [1928]

February 21 FleXFest @ floft, Boston MA
flandrew’s pre XFest party with Walter Wright – electronics with many more.

February 23 XFest 2013 @ UnchARTed, Lowell MA
XFest 2013 Jazz & Poetry
Disembodied Poetics: Rick Breault – laptop; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – drums
with local poets Stephen Anstey and Michael Hoerman
Apocalypso: Joe Burgio – movement; Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics; Chris Welcome – guitar; Walter Wright – electronics

February 24 XFest 2013 @ Lowell Telecommunications Corp, Lowell MA
XFest 2013 Local Bands
One-Armed Mist: Steve Norton – reeds; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics

February 28 @ floft, Boston MA
Katt Hernandez – violin with Joe Burgio – movement; fleisenberg – drums; Steve Norton – reeds; Andrea Pensado – laptop, voice

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