Gigs, April 2013

April 6 @ International Noise Festival, Whitehaus Family Record
Los Condenados: Andrea Pensado – laptop, voice; Jules Vasylenko – bamboozle; Walter Wright – electronics
Rawlings Foam Duo, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Alexander Nemser, LSDV, Cave Bears, Mountainshark, Marc Bisson, Collins Lizcano Rosenstein Trio, Radioactive Prostitute, Arevhat, Truck Stanley’s Nite Dreams, Christopher Strunk, Vehement Caress, Corpuscle, gdg, id m theft able, Preggy Peggy and The Lazy Babymakers, Crank Sturgeon, Rat Bastard

April 12 @ 119 Gallery
BiRdOrGaN: Marc Bisson – guitar; deiX – voice, electronics; Mike Fun – analog synth; Michael F Dailey Jr – voice, drums; Walter Wright – drums, percussion
Empty Phrases, Inspector 34, Nashoba

April 13 @ 119 Gallery
Flash Gordon’s Ape: Marc Bisson – guitar, objects; Walter Wright – drums, electronics
Comoros, Crank Sturgeon, Human Adult Band, ParrhesiA, Chill City Icon

April 20 @ Strange Maine
Holliday Demos Wright Trio: Alonzo Holliday – wind controller, electronics; Kit Demos – upright bass; Walter Wright – drums, electronics
ARKM Foam, Glochids, Tempera

April 27 @ floft
Walter Wright – little bits of electronics
Viktor Lois & Yin Peet, David Kontak, Loren Gronenendaal, Matt Murphy, Angela Sawyer, John Baylies, Josh Jefferson, Jules Vasylenko, Vanessa Lafevre, Vela Phelan, flandrew fleisenberg

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