Bats From Pogo @ Weirdo Records, June 24 2013

Bats From Pogo:
Andrea Pensado – laptop, voice
Walter Wright – touch-sensitive electronics

ASK VANESSA (a review by Gordon Marshall)

“Gamelan gong sound from Wright Andrea blitzes with fuzz sneaky alarm buzz bubbling static it’s an amphitheater echoing in the dust of the desert Aida starts to sing flubbery blubbers sexual in innuendo she traces her fingers across screen seductively video arcade conundrums give and take like playing catch with a softball serene as a loon on a lake the wind splicing the ice of winter is this midsummer night’s dream Andrea speaking a soft Morse code a stop start motion like a shopping cart in a supermarket the freezer bins steaming a haze mysterious as if a goddess rose there she does but she’s made of sound Andrea athletic in sleeveless gown a secretary in an office in a ghost town Wright stays still and calm a focused smile on his face squeezing the tightest smoke rings sonic from the flat black square in his hands Andrea shimmers with lush wails sporadic like seeds spit out of long grass in a meadow

“It’s an airport alive with air traffic x-ray screens set of by a pack of double mint gum the mint scent rises it’s a garden at night cicadas singing mad Mack trucks on the highway spewing diesel smoke and now Roman candles on the queen’s birthday oblong blue box twisted by Walter’s fingers then just Andrea’s urgent half whisper summer heat thunder under platinum cloud bank humming thuds from Andrea’s index finger harmonious tints of the keyboard like a sparkling painting of a glistening fishing village at sunset”

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