Gigs, June 2013

June 1 @ Floft, Boston MA
bodydrama: Joe Burgio – movement; Steve Norton – reeds; Matt Samolis – flute; Walter Wright – electronics
Musicians: Andrea Pensado, Andrew Neumann, David Kontak, Dirk Adams, Eric Dahlman, Howard Martin, id m theftable, Jesse Collins, Josh Jefferson, Jules Vasylenko, Lou Bunk, Marc Bisson, Matt Murphy, Max Lord, Michael Rosenstein, Noell Dorsey, Ronald Peyote
Dancers: Ellen Godena, Liz Roncka, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, Teresa Czepiel, Yuka
VJs: Greg Kowalski, Vela Phelan
Judge and Jury: Angela Sawyer, deiX, Gordon Marshall, Vic Rawlings

Flandrew’s Flinal Fling before moving to Brooklyn NY. Flandrew’s Floft was a center for creative music in Boston, his duo with Joshua Jefferson, Skinny Vinny, an inspiration. I will miss his openness and energy. Everyone played well and received an award. I was “Most Sagacious” meaning, “Having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment; shrewd?” I made it to the third round, a blistering duo with Marc Bisson.

June 2 @ Contemporary Art International, Acton MA
Container Man: Viktor Lois – motor guitar; Yin Peet – violin???; Amelia & Walter Wright – rotating strung washer tubs

June 2 @ Music for Silent Films, 119 Gallery
Bisson X Wright: Marc Bisson – guitar; deiX – voice; Walter Wright – drums – accompanying films by Martha Colburn
Ross Wallace Chait & Ian G McColm – guitar, percussion, electronics

June 6 @ 119 Gallery
Fujiwara Norton Wright: Junko Fujiwara – cello; Steve Norton – reeds, electronics; Walter Wright – drums, electronics
Todd Brunel, Forbes Graham, Luther Gray, Andrea Pensado, Travis Reuter, David Schnug, Dave Miller

June 8 @ 119 Gallery
P.K.D.: Mitchel K Ahern – invented instruments; Marc Bisson – guitar; Walter Wright – electroneeks and special guest deiX – vocal gymnasties
Kiddy Pool (Mitch’s daughter Caroline’s band from Brooklyn NY), Toy Boat, Supreme Commander, Nashoba.

June 14 @ 119 Gallery
Bats From Pogo: Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop; Walter Wright – electronics, drums
Erik Brown – electronics
Cait Black, Angela Jesse & Michael, Chill City Icon, Limbs Bin, Permanent Wave, Wish For Skin

June 15 @ Opensound, Somerville MA
Variations III by John Cage: Joe Burgio – movement, Lou Cohen – laptop, Kevin Frenette – guitar, Steve Norton – reeds, Michael Rosenstein – electronics, Walter Wright – electronics
Forbes Graham, Laurence Cook, Tom Plsek

June 20 @ UnchARTed, Lowell MA
Drum Battle: Walter Wright – drums
Michael F Dailey Jr, Lee Martin

June 23 @ Chailley Mansion, Newburyport MA
Midsummer Night’s Dream: I’m playing with Kit Demos, electronics, deep in the woods. Further down the path Junko Fujiwara and Steve Norton. In the pavilion Michael F Dailey Jr with Crank Sturgeon. Reed Altemus in the ballroom. Joy Mosenfelder as hobgoblin Puck, deiX a stag, Jeff Brussel as tour guide and a bunch ‘o fairies. Great live video projection by Gregory Kowalski.

June 24 @ Weirdo, Cambridge MA
Bats From Pogo: Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop; Walter Wright – electronics

June 25 @ Contemporary Art International, Acton MA
Container Man: Viktor Lois – motor guitar; Yin Peet – violin???; Walter Wright – typewriter key activated bass &or rotating strung washer tub.

June 25 @ 119 Gallery
Chill City Icon: Kevin Dacey – keyboard, electronics; Travis Hagen – percussion, electronics, intonarumori; and Walter Wright – drums
Earthen Sea, Insect Factory

June 28 @ UnchARTed Gallery, Lowell MA
Dailey Wright Drum Duo: Michael F Dailey Jr and Walter Wright drums
Egg, Eggs, Pine Tree State Mind Control, and Banjo Attack

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