Gigs, July 2013

July 4 BBQ (on July 6)
July 6 @ 119 Gallery
Lois Peet Wright: Viktor Lois, Yin Peet & Walter Wright play Viktor’s unique sculptures as instruments
Shira E, Eli Whitney and the Sound Machine, BiRdOrGaN.

July 7 @ Contemporary Arts International, Acton MA
Container Man, a unique sound stage with 14 instruments designed and built by Viktor Lois. I demonstrated instruments and played with Sam, a CAI intern, and a number of visitors at CAI’s Open House.

July 13-14 @ Contemporary Arts International, Acton MA
Workshops for musicians who have signed up for the Container Man Music Festival, Fall 2013
This first weekend will include –
– brief tour of CAI studio space, gallery, etc
– review of timeline for festival
– introduction to CM and the instruments
   – motor guitar
   – large string thing
   – one-string basses
   – wash tub uprights
   – anything else that’s working
– playing time
– wrap up

Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival
July 21 @ Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn NY
Bats From Pogo: Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop; Walter Wright – electronics, drums; and i’d m Thfftable – homemade instruments, voice
BiRdOrGaN, and many others …
Produced by Valerie Kuehne.

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