Lak Wright Duo miniTour, August 2013

Lak Wright Duo:
Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics, cassettes
Walter Wright – voice, electronics
ARKM Foam [One-Armed Mist], Andrea Pensado [Bats From Pogo] along for some gigs 8^)
Sound here.
Video here, O-AM, “Under a Black Moon”, from XFest 2012

Aug 11 @ HoGO, Manchester NH with Narc Bisson and Dei Xhrist
Aug 12 @ Weirdo Records and Sheep Bleats 9, Cambridge MA as O-AM with Arkm Foam
Aug 13 @ Nick’s Nest, Holyoke MA with Egg, Eggs!, Crank Sturgeon and Noise Nomads play with us 8^)
Aug 14 @ Distant Castle, Worcester MA with Andrea Pensado
Aug 15 @ Spectrum, New York NY with Cheryl Pyle Trio, PAS Musique, Carey Burtt, and Bloater
Aug 16 @ Red Room, Baltimore MD with Andrea and Jeff Carey and Corey O’Brien
Aug 17 @ Voice of the Valley, Chloe WV as Bats From Po(n)go with Andrea
Aug 18 @ Spring Garden Music House, Philadelphia PA
Aug 19 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA with Steve Norton, Grau Garten

Sunday August 11 HoGO, Manchester NH
First night of tour,Marc and Dei’s House of Goings On. Mary Ann and I drive from Lowell, Stephanie’s family drop her off. First time we’ve seen each other since XFest in February. Potluck then music, Marc solo then a trio with Steph, deiX and me –

Live recording – Marc Bisson – solo guitar
Live recording – Lak Wright Duo with deiX – voice, electronics

Monday August 12 Weirdo Records and Cheap Seats 9, Cambridge MA
A double header, Mary Ann and I drive in early, hang out with Angela and Andrea at Weirdo. Stephanie is sick, decides sleep is the best remedy. Steve Norton agrees to fill in, last minute, arrives in the nick of time. Arkm arrives a few minutes later. A small audience in a small space, a friendly atmosphere. I play electronics, Steve plays electronics and sopranino, Arkm plays cassettes. It’s a good set –

We pack up, march up the street to Cheap Seats 9 at the Cambridge YMCA. Kate and baby Ada meet us at the door. The place is packed. National Poetry Slam 2013 opened today, many poets are here to perform and as audience. Erich is welcoming everyone, organized chaos begins. We run into Jen Gelineau, ask her to play violin for our set. Arkm checks the schedule, a bunch of acts before Angela and Andrea, a couple of more then we play.

Arkm and I do lights for Angela and Andrea. Our instructions, wait 1-2min before turning on the lights, turn them on when you see our heads, turn them off and on. Angela and Andrea start inside a fabric cocoon, they have mics, they make noise. Angela sticks her head out, I turn on my light, brief pause and Andrea sticks her head out, Arkm turns on his light, brief pause, I turn my light off … and so it goes, applause.

I rush to set up, the current act finishes, Arkm, Steve and Jen start, I’m plugging in. Eventually I join them, good set, applause. We stay for a few more acts including Steve’s solo on baritone sax. Back home early.

Tuesday August 13 Nick’s Nest, Holyoke MA
Mary Ann, Y and I drive to Holyoke. We arrive a few minutes late, Egg, Eggs! are playing. It’s ’round back of Nick’s, picnic tables set up, nice to be outdoors. Bands all there and more – Pronoblem Baalberith, Andy Crespo, Dan Greenwood amd Alicia Renadette to name a few.

eggeggsEgg, Eggs!

Next up Crank Sturgeon dressed in a yellow HazMat suit, big yellow feet with toe nails, and Sturgeon headpiece. We scream, sob, snort, sniff, scratch and sigh. Crank brings out the balloons and plays violin while popping balloons with his toe nails, next the tromballoonobone.

crankstCrank Sturgeon

I’m up, Steph still sick, Jen Gelineau fills in on violin, last minute. Battery-powered, one of my two Honeytones is dead, down to a single channel and the Board Weevil, squeaks, squawks, percussion like pings and pongs. Jen is right there with the squeaks and squawks. We nail it.

nicksnestsetupHere’s my setup.

Noise Nomad(s) ends the evening on a more relaxed note.

nosemaidNoise Nomad(s)

maryannandyOur attentive audience, Mary Ann and Y

Nick’s Nest really is a hot dog stand, bands perform on picnic tables in the patio area behind the shop 6:00-7:30pm, parents bring their kids out for a hot dog, root beer and ice-cream. It’s all acoustic or battery-powered, low power amps. The house band is Egg, Eggs!, we will be back. Awesome gig, set up by Jen Gelinea. A pleasure to meet, she’s beautiful, positive, always smiling and laughing. She’s a great improviser.

Did you know that Holyoke is the home of the Telharmonium, and toilet paper! Jen joins Mary Ann, Y and me for a beer. Mary Ann, Y and I head home to Lowell.

Wednesday August 14 Distant Castle, Worcester MA
I take a morning break, help Jess Schumann taping at Contemporary Arts International, and record a short piece in the studio –

Studio recording – Walter plays one of Viktor’s unique instruments.

viktorsintrumentsThat’s Viktor, left side by stair.

SLak is back for tonight’s show! I drive to Worcester Stephanie, Olivia, Anthony and Eab sitting on the front porch, beautiful sunset. Early, plenty of time to set up, great lineup –

Mulch Craft – “traditional sea shanties re-imagined as tropical rap rock” always featuring a real nice performance surprise.
Lak Wright Duo with Andrea – Improv noise featuring sometimes tiny electronics, sometimes drums, sometimes toys, sometimes beings.
Gay Shapes – Worcester noise staples, Mickey, Joe, and Abdul, converging their electronic weavings into one humongous fungous quilt.

Down to the basement, set up on one side. Our setup is straightforward, will our amps be powerful enough to hang with Andrea. Actually, I have her small 80W amp. The basement is real DIY, a collection of colored Christmas lights, old toys, and a ton of old, broken musical instruments – guitars with 1 or 2 strings, keyboards with missing teeth, various drums with and without skins.

distantcastlesetupOur setup

stephandreaMy buddies Stephanie and Andrea

gayshapesGay Shapes

Live recording – Lak Wright Duo with Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop, stuff

SLak stays over at Distant Castle, I head back to Lowell, Andrea back to Salem.

Thursday August 15 Spectrum, New York NY
Next morning up early, pack for the rest of the tour – self-inflating sleeping mats, sleeping bags, food including a big bunch of kale. Gas up, off to Worcester to meet Steph, on to New York City. As usual a giant traffic jam on the Cross Bronx, accident on the George Washington Bridge. We arrive at Spectrum just in time for the first set –

Baker Piket Pyle: Newman Taylor Baker- washboard percussion; ; Roberta Piket – piano; Cheryl Pyle -flute
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics
PAS Musique: with Cerretani – live painting; Dave Tamura – synths; Jim Tuite – video
Carey Burtt – peformance
Bloater – rock’n roll

Live recording – Lak Wright Duo

Robert, PAS Musique, put together a great lineup, opening with an off-kilter chamber group, LWD, PAS Musique Orchestra, a performance artist, and wrapping up with a rock’n roll band. In addition a live artist, and video. Thanks-you Robert for a great night!

We drive over to Panoply Performance Lab in Brooklyn, Valerie Keuhne offerd her floor. I walk in, there’s I’d m Theftable, ARKM Foam and Mark Johnson. I’d m is on his way out, off to Voice of the Valley, Adam and Mark are staying a few hours before taking off. Valerie has pasta. We stay up and chat for a bit, nice space, a cube 20’x20’x20′ with a loft in the front and a small balcony along one side. Looks like a good performance space. Id’m takes off, we crash.

Adam and Mark leave around 6am, we sleep ’til 8am, pack up and leave.

stephatpanoplyStephanie is up

packingupPacking up

stephleavingpanoplyLeaving Panoply

We stop in Williamsburg for bagels, takes an hour to get to the Washington Bridge, finally we are on the NJ Turnpike headed south to Baltimore.

starbucksStarbucks, coffee break and hour north of Baltimore.

Google directs us through scenic areas of Baltimore, eventually we arrive.

Friday August 16 Red Room, Baltimore MD
We pull around 5pm at Normals Bookstore home of the Red Room. We stretch, Jeff shows up some time later, then Andrea. She has Mary Ann with her. We set up, tonight’s lineup is –

Carey O’Brien Duo: Jeff Carey – electronics; Corey O’Brien – snare drum, electronics
Lak Wright Duo with Andrea Pensado – voice, electronics

mizfishAcross the street from Normals Bookstore, Red Room behind the tail

andreaarrivesAndrea arrives

maryannarrivesMary Ann arrives

andstephanieStephanie arrives (actually she’s already here)

redroomsetupRed Room setup (yes, it’s blue not red)

jeffandcoreyJeff Carey and Corey O’Brien.

Jeff and Corey lead off, we play second, here’s the recording –

Live recording – Lak Wright Duo with Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop, stuff

After playing we head downtown with Jamie, to spend the night, great space! Andrea and Mary Ann discover a harmonium –

andreamaryannharmoniumThe harmonium.

baltimoresomewhereThe space!

We’re in the room behind the purple doors, sleep tight, up at 8am, coffee, on the road to Martinsburg WV by 10am. I drive with Andrea, Stephanie with Mary Ann. Although we go by different routes both cars arrive simultaneously but at opposite ends of the street. We meet in the middle at Mary Ann’s nephew Thomas’s house. Thomas, Terri, Courtney and Meagan are standing in the driveway. We stop briefly, leave Mary Ann with Thomas, they are heading to Richmond the next day to visit family. Stephanie, Andrea and I head off to Voice of the Valley.

Saturday August 17 Voice of the Valley Noise Rally, Chloe WV
It’s a long ride across the Maryland panhandle to West Virginia. We stop briefly at Morgantown before turning south to Charleston WV, and again before turning off to Chloe.

stephanieandreaontheroadStephanie and Andrea on the Road

We turn onto a two-lane, macadam road and drive 12 miles to Chloe, a general store, repair shop and four houses, right turn onto two-lane gravel, chunks of the road washed out, scenic. We wind back up into the hollers, a few miles and there’s a small cardboard sign “VOV” with an arrow pointing up “Granny’s He_d Rd”, two ruts leading into the woods. We bounce along for about a mile until we reach a parking lot, we park. We walk toward the far end of a second parking lot, into a camping area where Peter Gumaskas and his wife are sitting front of their tent, on to the stage area and there’s I’d m Theftable. We have arrived.

idmkaleI’d m gets his veggie on!

vovstageareaVoV stage area (in background)

vovcampgroundVoV campground

It’s late afternoon, we’re not on for another 10 hrs, we return to the parking lot to retrieve blankets, beer and food. ARKM, Mark and Jen Gelineau join us on the grass. We drink beer, doze off, hang out, wander about. The music starts around 7pm and so does the rain, gently at first but picks up. Around midnight it’s a down-pour, 60 people are huddled on the stage under the tarps, others have fled to the campgrounds or have moved their tents to the stage area. During a lull we bring up our equipment. The show is running on time, Bats From Po[n]go play at 2am –

squelchersLaundry Room Squelchers 1am, we’re next!

It’s a good set, unfortunately we don’t get to to hear what the audience hears, no stage monitors. Campers in the far campground report that we sound great, very loud. We pack up but decide to wait for daylight before risking the ruts and obstacle course out to Chloe. I head back up to catch the last act “Leprechaun Catering”, who are awesome! I sleep in the car.

Sunday August 18 Spring Garden Music House, Philadelphia PA
It gets light around 6am, the fog lifts a little, we leave for Philadelphia, Steph sleeping in the back seat. She wakes up after a couple of hours at a rest stop east of Morgantown, it’s still raining. The rain finally clears up as we near Philly, we arrive at Jack’s at 2pm, unload, unwind …

jackskitchenJack’s kitchen

tunasandwichFinally, after 3 days Stephanie gets to eat

After a bit we setup and record 2 sets with Jack. An hour or two later Andrea arrives, we record a set all together –

Live recording – Lak Wright Duo with Jack Wright – reeds, amp
Live recording – Lak Wright Duo with Jack Wright – reeds, amp
Live recording – Lak Wright Duo with Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop, stuff; Jack Wright – reeds, amp

Andrea heads out to meet Bonnie Kane, we head out for Lowell. Feels like we’ve been driving forever, we arrive in Lowell 4am.

Monday August 19 119 Gallery, Lowell MA
After a few hours sleep, we’re ready for one final show back at the gallery. Steve Norton joins us, Steph’s family drop in briefly, a great way to wind up the tour.

119setup119 Gallery setup

Live recording – Lak Wright Duo with Steve Norton – reeds, electronics
Live recording – Lak Wright Duo with Steve Norton – reeds, electronics

Next morning Steph and I visit CAI and the Quarry –

quarry“In the bank!”

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