Gigs, August 2013

August 5 @ Weirdo Records, Cambridge MA
Sawyer Wright Duo: Angela Sawyer and Walter Wright – electronics and attitude with Con Tex

August 8 @ Wilder Zangcraft, Lowell
Bats From Pogo: Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop; Walter Wright – electronics, drums with Puz Palace + Bill Tucker

August 10-11 @ Contemporary Arts International, Acton MA
Workshops for musicians who have signed up for the Container Man Music Festival, Fall 2013
The second weekend will include –
– review of timeline
– discussion of composition techniques
– some improvisation exercises
– free playing time
– wrap up

Lak Wright Duo miniTour
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums
Aug 11 @ House of Goings On, Manchester NH
Aug 12 @ Weirdo Records and Cheap Seats 9, Cambridge MA as One-Armed Mist with ARKM Foam, Jen Gelineau, Steve Norton and many, many more!
Aug 13 @ Nick’s Nest, Holyoke MA with Egg, Eggs! and Crank Sturgeon
Aug 14 @ Distant Castle, Worcester MA with Andrea Pensado
Aug 15 @ Spectrum, New York NY with Cheryl Pyle Trio, PAS Musique, Carey Burtt, and Bloater
Aug 16 @ Red Room, Baltimore MD with Andrea and Jeff Carey and Corey O’Brien
Aug 17 @ Voice in the Valley, Chloe WV as Bats from Pogo with Andrea Pensado
Aug 18 @ Spring Garden Music House, Philadelphia PA with Andrea Pensado and Jack Wright
Aug 19 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA with Steve Norton
Sound here.
Video  here, One-Armed Mist, XFest 2012

Frantasia, Livermore Falls ME
Aug 23 – Bisson Wright Duo: Marc Bisson – decontructed guitar; Walter Wright – drums
Aug 24 – Bats From Pogo: Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop; Walter Wright – electronics with Jen Gelineau – violin and Sugar Suckers: Al Margolis – violin; ??? – drums; Robert Pepper – vocoder; Walter Wright – electronics
Jonas Bers, Big Plastic Finger, BiRdOrGaN, Broadcloth, BreadRose, Josh DeScherer, fleisenberg, LAL8, Layne Garrett, Loren Groenendaal, Ben Hersey, Kaethe Hosetter, i’d m thffftable, If Bwana, Iris, Killick, John LaFosse, Les Etoiles Le Trois, Steve MacLean Ensemble, NED, PAS Musique, Sequoa Leaf, Stanley Schumacher & friends,

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