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Painting #1695

October 31, 2013

painting #1695

Gigs, October 2013

October 31, 2013

October 2 @ 119 Gallery
SoB: [North Adams, Lowell MA]
Nate Brennan – electronics, meat grinder, trumpet
Walter Wright – electronics (filling in for Nick Williams)
Belltone Suicide, TJ Borden, David Paine, Howard Stelzer

October 3 @ undisclosed location, Jamaica Plain MA
Bats From Pogo: [Salem MA, Lowell]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Walter Wright – electronics
TJ Borden, Foam/FOOM, Fossils, Mouth Sounds

October 5 @ Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia PA
Crunch: [Easton PA, Salem and Lowell MA]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Jack Wright – reeds
Walter Wright – electronics
Holy Ghost Spermetic Brotherhood, Toshi Makihara, and a unicorn
Video here.

Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music
October 6 @ Atlas Theater, Washington DC
Crunch: [Easton PA, Salem and Lowell MA]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Jack Wright – reeds
Walter Wright – electronics
Violet and Corey, a jazz band, and a film
Video here.

Foamtoberfest (ARKM’s Birthday Bash)
October 9 @ Abandoned Bear Cages, Boston MA
Walter Wright – solo electronics
Gordon Marshall, Long John, End Guys, Birdorgan, Egg, Eggs!, Greg Sun, Via App, Joey Molinaro, Ryan Krause, Mouth Sounds, Cats See, Matt Robidoux, FOOM, Andrea Pensado

October 11 @ 119 Gallery
Grau Garten: [Manchester NH, Newburyport, Medford, Lowell MA]
Marc Bisson – deconstructed guitar
deiX – voice, electronics
Gregory Kowalski – live video
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics, celesta
Walter Wright – drums, percussion
Deleuzer, Christos Koulendros

October 13 @ Contemporary Arts International, Acton MA
Rehearsal for Container Man Expo
David Russel – narrator
Jen Gelineau – musician
Walter Wright – musician
Alexandra Derderian – percussion
Lee Martin – percussion
Rick Breault – soundscape
Geoff Koelsch – performance

Chillith Sneaks
October 13 @ YMCA, Cambridge MA
Jen Gelineau – violin
Walter Wright – electronics
many, many more (see link)

October 17 @ 119 Gallery
Shogun Horny: [Husolandia]
Crank Sturgeon – voice, quality assurance
FOAM – corporate cassette corruption
Dumbo Daycare – drums, returns
Downtown Boys, Dust Witch, LEAMERS, Les Rinoceros, Vegans

October 18 @ 119 Gallery
Pataphysiques: [Somerville and Lowell MA]
Joe Burgio and Paul Kafka-Gibbons – movement
Rick Breault – soundscapes
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
Chen Pensado, Coleman Dorsey, Ghost Grass

October 19 @ 119 Gallery
Grau Garten: [Manchester NH, Newburyport, Lowell MA]
Marc Bisson – deconstructed guitar
deiX – voice, electronics
Steve Norton – reeds
Walter Wright – drums
Chill City Icon, Eric Crawley and Dr T

October 19-20 @ Contemporary Arts International, Acton MA
Workshops for musicians who have signed up for the Container Man Music Festival, Fall 2013
This fourth weekend will include –
– formation of teams
– review of compositions
– free playing time
– wrap up

Walter’s Birthday Bash
October 26 @ 119 Gallery
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
Marc Bisson, Joe Brown, Todd Brunel, Sir Arthur Clatter, Kevin Dacey, Michael F Dailey Jr, Jesse Collins, Crankst Urge On, Flandrew Fleisenberg, ARKM Foam, Mike Funaiole, Jenifer Gelineau, Travis Hagan, Katt Hernandez, i’d m Thfft Able, Joshua Jefferson, Christos Koulendros, Greg Kowalski, Kate Lee, Lee Martin, Steve Norton, Andrea Pensado, Ben Raymond, David Russell, Dei Xhrist

Lou Cohen’s Memorial Service
October 27 @ The Nave, Somerville
Walter Wright – electronics
Todd Brunel, Lou Bunk, Arkm Foam, Junko Fujiwara, Dave Gross, Steve Norton, Andrea Pensado, Vic Rawlings, Michael Rosenstein, Emile Tobenfeld

Painting #1694

October 30, 2013

painting #1694

Painting #1693

October 29, 2013

painting #1693

Painting #1692

October 28, 2013

painting #1692

Painting #1691

October 27, 2013

painting #1691

Walter’s Birthday Bash, October 26, 2013

October 26, 2013

Lots of people are coming to 119 Gallery for my birthday.

Marc Bisson – decontructed guitar
Joe Brown – guitar, drums, dance moves
Joe Burgio – movement
Todd Brunel – clarinets
Sir Arthur Clatter – guitar
Teresa Czepiel – movement
Kevin Dacey – guitar, drums, electronics
Michael F Dailey Jr – mayhem
Jesse Collins – trumpet
Crank Sturgeon – hisself with fins
flandrew fleisenberg – fillydelphia
Arkm Foam – cassettes
Mike Funaiole – analog synth
Jenifer Gelineau – violin
Dave Grollman – snare drum
Sir Prized Guest – electronics
Travis Hagan – drums, electronics
Katt Hernandez – violin **
I’d M Thfft Able – hisself with beard
Joshua Jefferson – reeds
Paul Kafka-Gibbons – movement
Mary Ann Kearns – traffic control
Christos Koulendros – electronics
Gregory Kowalski – video
Stephanie Lak – electronics **
Ada Lee-Foam – burps, squeaks
Kate Lee – keys
Lee Martin – drums
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics
Andrea Pensado – herself
Ben Raymond – guitar looping
David Russell – spoken word, word
Emile Tobenfeld – video
Walter Wright – electronics, drums, party hat
Dei Xhrist – presence and more
** via Skype

Lineup, 10min slots, be setup and ready to go!

  8:00pm – Katt
  8:10pm – BopAnts: Marc, Katt, Walter
  8:20pm – BiRdOrGaN: Marc, dei, Mike, MFDJr
  8:30pm – Drum Corpse: MFDJr, Joe, Lee, Kevin
  8:40pm – Ben, Kevin & Travis
  8:50pm – Kate & Ada
  9:00pm – Foam
  9:10pm – O-AM: Foam, Kate, Ada, Steph, Walter
  9:20pm – flandrew
  9:30pm – Skinny Vinny: flandrew, Joshua, Jesse
  9:40pm – Christos
  9:50pm – Sir Arthur
10:00pm – Dave
10:10pm – Blister: Sir Arthur, Dave
10:20pm – Sir Prized
10:30pm – Todd, Sir Prized
10:40pm – Jen
10:50am – Poached Eggs: David, Jen, Walter
11:00pm – Steve
11:10pm – Todd, Jesse, Steve
11:20pm – i’d m<
11:30pm – Andrea
11:40pm – Steph
11:50pm – Bats From Pogo: Andrea, Steph, Walter
12:00am – Crank will pop outta’ a big birthday cake!
12:30am – LEAMERS!

Joe Burgio, Teresa Czepiel, Paul Kafka-Gibbons – movement, whenever they chose
Gregory Kowalski, Emile Tobenfeld – video throughout the evening
Mary Ann Kearns – traffic control

Painting #1690

October 26, 2013

painting #1690

Painting #1689

October 25, 2013

painting #1689

Painting #1688

October 24, 2013

painting #1688