Gigs, January 2014

January 1 @ Firehouse, Worcester MA
Lak Wright Duo: [San Francisco CA, Lowell MA]
Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics
Walter Wright – electronics
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop, attitude [Salem MA]
Joey Bastardo, Mickey O’Hara, Abdul H Sherzai, Port d’Or, Seamus R Williams, Sam Gas Can, Ted Eel, David Russell, Jenifer Gelineau, Peter Gumaskas, Arkm Foam, Joseph Mygan, Thom Sullivan, Brett Renaud, …
Event page here.

Vinyl Release Party
January 5 @ Feeding Tube Records, Northampton MA
Los Condenados: [Boston, Salem, Lowell MA]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Jules Vasylenko – bamboozle
Walter Wright – electronics
Egg, Eggs!, Andy Crespo and Ron Schneiderman Duo. Our set here.

January 10 at 119 Gallery
Bats From Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
Landon Knoblock, Christos Koulendros, Carl Testa
Event page here.

January 11 at 119 Gallery
Mitchel Ahern – homebrew instrument
Marc Bisson – prepared guitar
Walter Wright – percussion
Squanto, Duo Tyto Alba, Harmoos
Event page here.

January 15 @ Popcorn Noir, Easthampton MA
Tough Day Tubing: [MA, NY]
Crank Sturgeon – guitar, vocals
Steve Norton – reeds
Al Magolis – stuff
Walter Wright – drums
Arkm Foam, Matt Krefting, Local Wizards
Event page here.

January 17 @ Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn NY
Apocalypso: [NY, MA]
Joe Burgio – movement
Shayna Dulberger – bass, electronics
Chris Welcome – guitar, electronics
Walter Wright – electronics
Dave Grollman & Nathaniel Morgan, Velvet Jumpshot
Event page here.

January 21 @ Whitehaus Family Record, Jamaica Plain MA
O-AM: [Boston, Lowell MA]
Arkm Foam – bass, cassettes
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics
Walter Wright – drums
Gang Clan Mafia, Ed Perry and Chelsea Tadeyeske

January 25 @ 119 Gallery
Bisson Demos Wright Trio: [NH, ME, MA]
Marc Bisson – prepared guitar
Kit Demos – bass, electronics
Walter Wright – drums, electronics
Aimee Norwich & Ian Cook, mysterybear, Thumbknuckle
Event page here.

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