Gigs, March 2014

March 1 @ Strange Maine, Portland ME
Bisson Demos Wright: [NH, ME, MA]
Marc Bisson – guitar
Kit Demos – bass, electronics
Walter Wright – drums
Rare Storms, Remy Brecht

March 8 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA
Bisson Wright Duo: [Manchester NH, Lowell MA]
Marc Bisson – guitar
Walter Wright – drums
Yoshiko Ohara, Joint Raker, Nashoba

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Poetry & Jazz
March 9 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA
Gelineau Wright Duo: [Holyoke, Lowell MA]
Jenifer Gelineau – violin
Walter Wright – electronics
Steve Dalachinsky, Yuko Otomo, Peter Eliopolis – poets; Jeffery Lipsky – live art; Zachery, Kit Demos, John McLellan, Mia & friend – music

Tough Day Tubing miniTour
Tough Day Tubing: [Chester NY, Medford, Lowell MA]
Al Margolis – viola, clarinet, alto clarinet
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics
Walter Wright – electronics
March 14 @ 320 Main St Gallery, Poughkeepsie NY with Council of Poetic Experimentation, Mr Sexy, and a Robert Ashely piece
March 15 @ Red Room, Baltimore MD with Jenny Gräf, Bromp Treb
March 16 @ Yell Gallery, Philadelphia PA with flandrew fleisenberg, Bonnie Kane, Joo-Won Park

March 23 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA
Bats From Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Walter Wright – electronics
Dailey Wright Drum Duo: [Lowell]
Michael F Dailey Jr & Walter Wright – drums
Ryan Baker’s Fiasco: [North Andover MA]
Ryan Baker – guitar
Michael F Dailey Jr – guitar
deiX – voice, electronics
Mike Fun – analog synth
Lee Martin – guitar
Walter Wright – drums
The Big Lie: [Somerville MA]
Ryan Baker – guitar
Jesse Collins – trumpet
FOAM – tape cassettes
Steve Norton – reeds
Walter Wright – drums
performing Joe Burgio’s score “Blastfest R Us”
Bisson Xhrist, Ricky Orng, Princess Chan, Erich Haygun, A JP Sound, Wash & Gouache, Safer Streams, Egg Eggs!

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