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Painting #1876

April 30, 2014

painting #1876

Gigs, April 2014

April 30, 2014

April 11 @ Spotty Dog, Hudson NY
Tough Day Tubing: [NY MA]
Crank Sturgeon – violin, guitar, contact mics, voice
Al Margolis – viola, clarinet, alto clarinet
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics
Walter Wright – drums

April 12 @ Opensound, Somerville MA
The Young And The Restless: [Lowell, Westfield MA]
Ada Lee Kohl – keys
Walter Wright – drums
Ben Hersey, FOOM, Egg Eggs!

April 22 @ Cheap Seats 16, Cambridge MA
Lulu & the Ladyboys: [Boston, Lowell]
Chris Strunk – percussion
Jules Vasylenko – bamboozle
Walter Wright – electronics

Painting #1875

April 29, 2014

painting #1875

Painting #1874

April 28, 2014

painting #1874

Performance Setups

April 27, 2014

This is the setup for electronics with Lak Wright Duo and LOS CONDENADOS. It’s simple, straightforward. Various devices including a Board Weevil, Depth Charge Gamelan, Lo-fi Speaker Mic or Boogle Blargh, and a contact mic plug into the volume pedal. Its output goes directly into an amp. I have 2 amps, a small VOX and a large Peavy bass amp nicknamed “The Intimidator”.

The Board Weevil is made by Bugbrand. The rest of the electronics are available from Crank Sturgeon.

Here are 3 tracks using the Boardweevil, recording live in the gallery, no editing –

The idea being to combine these with drum tracks, recorded previously (see below).

This is my acoustic kit – drums for Tough Day Tubing and The Young & The Restless. There are 2 drums – a snare and a floor tom, and 1 crash cymbal. Minimal.

I often combine both setups, electronics and the acoustic kit, with Lak Wright Duo, O-AM and Bats From Pogo.

Here are 3 tracks using the acoustic kit, recorded live in the gallery, no editing –

I’m working on an electroacoustic setup …

It’s a start. Again sparse, there are 2 drums – a “snare”, beater only, no resonator or snare, and a tom that’s a bass drum. A contact mic is taped to the snare and input to the “Simulated Malfunctioning Tape Delay Thing” built by my friend Keith Meiere. The output of the SMTDT goes directly into an amp.

This setup is a little tricky, or perhaps finicky. I’m learning what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s a track using the electroacoustic kit, recorded live in the gallery, no editing –

The goal being to combine electronics and drums, as in Loup Garou, my duo with Setheyny Pen. I loaded the tracks into Audacity, positioned them, set levels and exported the mix.

Here are the results –
20140424_w2mix – combines 20140424_w2, electronics, with 20140301_w2, the acoustic kit
20140425_w2mix – combines 20140425_w2, electronics, with 20140307_w2, the acoustic kit
20140426_w2mix – combines 20140426_w2, electronics, with 20140409_w2, the electroacoustic kit

Painting #1873

April 27, 2014

painting #1873

Painting #1872

April 26, 2014

painting #1872

Painting #1871

April 25, 2014

painting #1871

Painting #1870

April 24, 2014

painting #1870

Painting #1869

April 23, 2014

painting #1869