Gigs, August 2014

August 2 at 119 Gallery
Bats From Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA]
Bewitched aka Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Bothered aka Walter Wright – electron eeks, purr cushion
Bemildred aka Stephanie Lak – all manner ‘o Steph Stuph
Humminbird aka Muyassar Kurdi, Cave Crickets, John Glancy, Morning Arms, No One And The Somebodies, Patrick Shaughnessy, Abdul H Sherzai, FISTinc., Egg, Eggs!, Angela Sawyer, Ted Nuygent, LAK

August 17 – 23 Lak Wright Duo Swimminghole miniTour
Stephanie Lak – audio paraphernalia
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
August 17 @ Upstate Artists Guild, Albany NY with Al Margolis
August 18 @ New City Galerie, Burlington VT
August 19 @ Café Résonance, Montreal QC with Emilie Mouchous
August 20 Travel day
August 21 @ my nephew Paul's, Fredericton NB with Maisie, Shea & Mally
August 22 @ Frantasia, Livermore Falls ME with Marc Bisson, Jenifer Gelineau, Andrea Pensado
August 23 @ Frantasia, Livermore Falls ME with Marc Bisson, flandrew fleisenberg, Jenifer Gelineau

August 31 at East Meets West, Cambridge MA
Ensemble inedit:
Terina-Jasmine Alladin – movement
Joe Burgio – director, choreographer
Jesse Kenas Collins – trumpet, objects
Emilio Gonzales – handmade mbira
Steve Norton – reeds
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Gabriela Silva – movement
Randy Winchester – trombone
Walter Wright – percussion
Fundraiser for Costasis, Terina and Gabriela’s new dance company.

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