Art on Black Friday November 29 at the Armory, Somerville MA, including dance movement and musicians playing with feeling presenting world premiers of original scores, and even some other hard-to-characterize performative “thangs.”


THANGsgiving Quartet: [Holyoke, Somerville, Lowell MA]
Jenifer Gelineau – cello, oven mitt
Stephanie Marie Germaine – voice
Randy Winchester – trombone
Walter Wright – percussion

The quartet played at 3:00pm. Originally Jen and I, we added Stephanie and Randy. Jen played cello instead of violin. The oven mitt covers her lower arm, healing from a cat bite. Jen played with Egg, Eggs!, then at 5:30pm it was time for the ensemble –

Ensemble inédit:
Joe Burgio- artistic director
Emilio Gonzalez – electric mbira
Joshua Hahn – flute and electronics
Kristiana Hubley – movement
Michelle Huber – movement
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Andrea Ríos – movement
Matt Samolis – flute
Gabriella Silva – movement
Andrea West – movement
Walter Wright – electronics

Unfortunately no recordings, you had to be there. Produced by Paul Kafka Gibbons.

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