Gigs, December 2014

December 8 at Weirdo Records, Cambridge MA
Walter Wright – solo electronics

Shrymprov 6 Cancelled due to sucky weather, will reschedule!
December 9 at Allen Tree Farm, Wyben MA
Walter Wright – electronics
Jennifer Gelineau, Stephanie Marie Germaine, Not Kate Lee, Peas Loving and more

December 11 at Gallery 263, Cambridgeport MA
Jenifer Gelineau – bowed glass
Walter Wright – muted percussion

December 13 at 119 Gallery
BopAnts: [Manchester NH, Lowell MA]
Marc Bisson – guitar
Michael F Dailey Jr – bass
Stephanie Marie Germaine – voice, electronics
Walter Wright – drums
Bad Smell, GNäRDS, Masingo

December 20 at 119 Gallery
KSW Trio: [Peterborough NH, Lowell MA]
Christos Koulendros – electronics
Dave Seidel – electronics
Walter Wright – drums, percussion
BIG MESS, Curse Purse, ian kovaks jr jr, New England Patriots, Phurnne

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