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Painting #2104

December 14, 2014

painting #2104

Painting #2103

December 13, 2014

painting #2103

Painting #2102

December 12, 2014

painting #2102

Gallery 263, December 11, 2014

December 12, 2014

Thursday December 11 at Gallery 263, Cambridge MA


Jenifer Gelineau – bowed glass, violin
Randy Winchester – music box
Walter Wright – muted percussion

Track 03 – recorded by Matt Samolis

Painting #2101

December 11, 2014

painting #2101

Painting #2100

December 10, 2014

painting #2100

Weirdo Records, December 8, 2014

December 9, 2014

Monday December 8 8pm at Weirdo Records, Cambridge MA
Walter Wright – solo electronics

My first solo gig, here’s the setup –



BoardWeevil V1 on the left, Horndog in the middle and my smartPhone on the right. The BoardWeevil and Horndog are both touch-sensitive. The BoardWeevil has “capacitance pads” on the bottom and on the lower left and lower right sides. For the initial setup oscillator 3 is locked to oscillator 2 is locked to oscillator 1, producing a horn like sound that can be “bent.” The Horndog, as patched, generates random pulses. These can be altered using one’s fingers to connect the various terminals on the box. The smartPhone is my cassette deck, cued up to the sound of a train passing through downtown Livermore Falls ME.

There’s a small audience –

weirdo_angelaAngela Sawyer


weirdo_audienceAngela, Steve Norton and another guy

I play two sets. Angela is recording, I’ll post the files in a couple of days. In the meantime here’s a track recorded on Dec 9, a day after the gig, in the gallery –

Track 1 – solo electronics

Several people arrive after the performance. It’s snowing. Steve Norton and I walk next door to the pub.

Painting #2099

December 9, 2014

painting #2099

Painting #2098

December 8, 2014

painting #2098

Painting #2097

December 7, 2014

painting #2097