Instruments: AVSynth

We stop at Signal Culture on our way to visit Mary Ann’s family for Xmas, drop off some Doepfer modules, and pick up a Dave Jones MVIP. The gap in my rack filled, we pack up and head off to Richmond VA.

We arrive on Xmas eve. I wait a couple of days, then set up the system.

20141231_setupMy first (or second) patch, sounding good.

I have a new camera, Sony HDR-CX240. RAT recommended it, half the price of my Flip Video camera. It weighs nothing, has an optical zoom, and records in high resolution at 60fps. Upload to the computer then reformat with Premiere to 640×480 at 30 fps. It requires an octopus-like miniHDMI to composite video convertor to move video from the computer to MVIP.

New Year’s Day we pack up, head back to Lowell MA. We stop by Martinsburg WV and Hudson NY, arrive home a couple of days later. I reorganize my desk, set up the synth, an audio amp and video monitor.

patch03My third (or fourth) patch, with video. When I figure out how to record the output, I’ll post.

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