Tough Day Tubing Spring microTour, June 2015


5/28 @ Upstate Artists Guild, Albany NY
5/29 @ Washington Street Art, Somerville MA
5/30 @ UnchARTed Gallery, Lowell MA
5/31 @ John Doe Jr, Greenfield MA

Tough Day Tubing: [NY, MA]
Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, objects
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics
Crank Sturgeon – guitar, violin, contact mics, himself
Walter Wright – drums, percussion
Rush Awesome, Tom Crean, Eric Dahlman, Michael F Dailey Jr, Laura Frare, Mike Funaiole, Chris Johnson, Elizabeth Karp, Christos Koulendros, Mickey O’Hara, Jim Warshauer, Seamus Williams, dei Xhrist

Thursday May 28 at Upstate Artists Guild, Albany NY
Produced by Albany Sound Collective

Steve Norton arrives at 2:30pm. I pack up and we head west on the MassPike. We arrive early. Guided by Steve’s smartPhone, we circle the downtown briefly and arrive at the Albany Pump Station, home of the Evans Brewing Company. Time for dinner and a beer.

Evans Brewing Company

Steve and a large hook

We circle the downtown, for a second time, and arrive at the Upstate Artists Guild. It’s a hot, humid day. Folks are hanging out on the street, sort of a party vibe! Matt Weston is at the gallery, we load in. Al arrives, then Crank. It’s a long narrow space. Blacklight Lighthouse set up half-way into the space. We set up behind them, all the way in the back.

Steve, Crank and Al


Crank’s spaghetti

Blacklight Lighthouse

Blacklight Lighthouse play first around 8:30pm. After they break down, we move the audience forward. We start at 9:30pm, play for an hour, no one leaves! In fact, a few people come in off the street and stay ’til the end. Here’s our set –

track 01 – recorded by Steve Norton.

We socialize, pack up, and follow Crank up and over the ‘mountains’ to Williamstown. We consume two large bags of corn chips and a jar of salsa, then retire.

Crank’s house

Friday May 29 at Washington Street Art, Somerville MA
Up relatively early we drink several pots of coffee. Steve and I take off. We stop at the Brass Buckle in Greenfield for lunch. A beautiful drive on a beautiful day, down rte2, all the way to Lowell. Steve drops me off, then heads home. Al and Crank show up, Beerworks, then off to Somerville.

Jim, Al, Eric and a serious looking guy

We arrive at Washington Street Art in plenty of time, load in, visit with everyone. It’s a good crowd, Morgan Evans-Weiler and Michael Rosenstein, our producers, Max Lord and Ellen Godina, Nicole Dorsey, Eric Dahlman and Jim Warshauer, and a few more. Eric and Jim are set up, they play first. Great set including “New Brain’ and ‘I Want My Old Brain Back’. Eric on, it looks like a flugelhorn, and Jim on saxophone. Chris Johnson plays next, then we’re on.

Jim and Eric

The room

We play to a full house, a 45min set. This is fun, second night of the tour, second good set on the tour, on a roll. We socialize, polish off the rest of the beer, head back to Lowell. Here’s our set –

track01 – again, recorded by Steve Norton

Saturday May 30 at UnchARTed, Lowell MA
Breakfast at the Owl Diner with Y-Sok and Jonathan, and the Dailey Family. Recording in the gallery. Setheyney drops by, plays drums for 20min, Beerworks, then off to UnchARTed. BiRdOrGaN are setting up in the center of the room, we take the near end. Elaine and Rick are there. Heather is there but not playing. Y-Sok and Jonathan arrive and things get rolling.

BiRdOrGaN featuring Christos Koulendros in a cheese hat, play first. Good set, ends with dei and MFDJr rolling around on the floor as band members scuttle out of the way. Here’s their set –

track 01 – yep, recorded by Steve Norton.


The band

We’re up. We play a solid 30min set. Here’s our set –

track 02 – as above

We socialize, then load out. Blue Shamrock dance night, the street is filled with short shorts in high heels.

Sunday May 31 at John Doe Jr, Greenfield MA
Cookout at the Dailey’s, rained out, there are a hundred people in the house, and another hundred kids swarm about at knee level. Food appears disappears, Penny and Mike bring a delicious cauliflower salad! Cheese dogs for the kids! Steve arrives with a case of Sierra Nevada Torpedos, let the party begin.

We stay from 2-5pm, then back to the gallery. We pack up, back on rte2 to Greenfield. Steve and I arrive at 6:30p, meet David Russell at the Magpie for dinner. Crank and Al arrive, Jenifer Gelineau follows. Good restaurant, good company. David suggests the MakeNoise! Mysteron, as a module for my AVSynth. We head over to JDJr, load in.

Magpie with David and Jen

Rush Awesome, cassettes and electronics, plays first. Tom Crean, banjo and electric guitar, is next. LEAN, Mickey and Seamus, electronics, are third. It’s late, the audience thins, tomorrow is a workday.

Rush Awesome

Tom Crean

Seamus and Mickey

We’re up, we play 40min set. It’s another good set, a good group, everyone is listening. We are lining up with Crank stage left, i’m next to him, Al to my right, and Steve stage right. This works well, Crank’s electronics on one side balance Steve’s reeds on the other side. Al and I fill the middle, glueing the sound together. Here’s the final set of the tour –

track 01 – thanks Steve for recording all our sets 8^)

We pack up, Crank and Al head out to Williamstown, Steve and I return to Lowell, Medford. The microTour is over. It was, IMHO, a success !!!

Why, because we can !!!


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