Egregoros, recorded September 29, 2015


Christos Koulendros – accordion
Walter Wright – drums, electronics

Just the two of us: Christos on accordion and I play drums on the first track, electronics on the second. It’s an open rehearsal, feel free to drop in 8^)

track 01
track 02

After listening to the tracks, Christos wrote this score –


“I’m exploring relativity in an improv template by juxtaposing circles that represent a faster looping timeline the smaller they are. Notes are played at a fast relative tempo inside the inner circles compared to the outside. So the player can play music with multiple tempi at once, or choose jumping from the patterns on one circle to the next, creating a flow of instantly faster/slower pacing. The player can choose any combination of instruments from the percussion arsenal, and can repeat a section they like, as well as fill in with their own rhythm improv.

This notation was inspired by the multi-timeline playing of my friend Walter Wright’s percussion dialogues.”
~ Christos Koulendros

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