Kurdi Margolis Wright Spring Tour, March 2016


3/25 @ goodTHANG, Somerville MA
3/25 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA
3/26 @ Upstate Artists Guild, Albany NY
3/27 @ Allen Tree Farm, Wyben MA                                    
3/28 @ Day off
3/29 @ Carriage House Gallery, Concord NH
3/30 @ The Cannery, Penobscot ME 
3/31 @ CCLC, North Trescott ME
4/  1 @ Chailey Mansion, Newburyport MA
4/  2 @ Third Life Studios, Somerville MA
4/  2 @ Clarendon Hill Church, Somerville MA
4/  3 @ Silent Barn, NYC 
4/  4 @ PPL, Brooklyn NY
4/  5 @ AUX at Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA
4/  6 @ Red Room, Baltimore MD (Jeff Carey)
4/  7 @ Al’s House, Chester NY
4/  8 @ 170 Main St, Greenfield MA  
4/  8 @ Whitehaus, Boston MA

Kurdi Margolis Wright: [Chicago IL, Chester NY, Lowell MA]
Muyassar Kurdi – voice, electronics, movement
Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, objects, contact mics
Walter Wright – amplified drumkit

Kurdi Margolis Wright: [Chicago IL, Chester NY, Lowell MA]
Muyassar Kurdi – voice, electronics, movement
Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, objects, contact mics
Walter Wright – amplified drumkit

It’s Wednesday March 23, Muyassar arrives in Boston on Turkish Airlines via Rome and Istanbul for a Spring tour, a trio with Al Margolis and me. She arrives dragging the largest wheelie bag I have ever seen, it must contain the contents of her old apartment. We manage to wrestle it into the car then up the stairs and into our loft, Muya has the front room.

It’s Thursday March 24, Al arrives, we rehearse in the gallery space downstairs, our first run through as a trio. Muya plays various electronics and sings; Al adds clarinet, violin and contact mics; I play Boardweevil V3.

[recording 20160324_kmw, need to upload]

Tomorrow is the first day of the tour!

Friday March 25 at Armory, Somerville MA

thangPASSING produced by Paul Kafka-Gibbons,


Adriane Brayton, Joe Burgio, Thadd Comstock, Lynn Frederiksen, Loren Groenendaal, Jordan Jamil, Claire Johannes, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, David Kontak, Christos Koulendros, Mary Ellen Liacos, Adam Matlock, Andrea Pensado, Monica Raymond, Andrea di Rios, Andrew Void, John Voigt

We drive into Somerville to hang out with Paul Kafka-Gibbons at thangPASSING. Twice a year, biannually, Paul rents the Armory space. A big, gymnasium-like hall with a nice wood floor and a balcony. We all head up to the balcony for Muyassar’s solo performance.



Given Muyassar’s electronics including Crackle Box, Sidrassi, and body Theremin; I switch to amplified drum kit. Convenient, as Egregoros is up next with Christos Koulendros on analog synth and myself on drums. We head back to Lowell early, arrive in plenty of time for our opening gig.

Friday March 25 at 119 Gallery, Lowell MA


Fujiwara Xhrist Duo

UnchARTed Gallery double-books, we move to 119 Gallery. Last minute change, a small audience, Al and I play, then Junko Fujiwara and Dei Xhrist. It’s a good show, no recordings.

Saturday March 26 at Upstate Artists Guild, Albany NY
Matt Weston

Early afternoon, we pack up, take off. Everything but my bass drum fits in the trunk of Al’s car, it keeps me company. We head west, I495 to I290 to the MassPike. We detour south to Hudson NY, pick up Kitty Chick, then on to Albany NY.



Matt Weston is setting up, pics, unfortunately no recording.



We drive back to Kitty’s for the night.

Sunday March 27 at Allen Tree Farm, Wyben NY
Nick Baker, Brett Renaud, David Russell, Shorty Mc, Billy McShane

Up early, we check out Moto, expensive coffee and expensive motorcycles.



We say goodbye to Kitty, head east on rte23 across the mountains to the Berkshires though Great Barrington and Sturbridge, over more mountains to Westfield and Holyoke. We drop in in Bonnie Kane and Scott Prato. Bonnie makes pancakes.


Mid-afternoon we drive out to the Allen Tree Farm.

Mia Freedman is there and Andy Allen is working the back 40 (acres). Mia points the way, Al and I head out to explore the tree farm. We find Andy and see a Pileated Woodpecker. We all head back to the house for dinner.



Fantastic dinner, the deviled eggs are awesome, Egg, Eggs! are awesome, it’s Easter after all! I remember to hit “record” 8^)))

Our set here.

We drive back to Lowell for the night.

Monday March 28 at 119 Gallery, Lowell MA
It’s a day off from driving. Muyassar walks around Lowell in the morning.


Al and I record in the gallery. After lunch, Christos and Muyassar join in –
track 01 – Margolis Wright
track 02 – Margolis Wright
track 03 – Koulendros Kurdi Margolis Wright
track 04 – Koulendros Margolis Wright
track 05 – Koulendros Wright

Tuesday March 29 at UnchARTed Gallery, Lowell MA
Jaap Blonk & The Whammies, David Kontak

Today we’re back at UnchARTed, jumped on the lineup with Jaap Blonk. David Kontak opens, next Jaap & The Whammies. The venue is rather noisy, talking over the music. Polite requests to “keep it down” have no effect. We close out the show.

Our set here.

Wednesday March 30 at The Cannery, Penobscot ME

Nate Aldrich

Next morning, up early, we take 2 cars. Al takes off with Muyassar, I follow later, up I95 to Rte3, to Rte 1, to Penobscot. We all arrive about the same time, Leslie Ross shows us around, we setup in the studio next to the living space –




We walk down to the bay.



We gather for dinner, people begin to show up, it’s a good crowd. It’s a good set!

Our set here.

Thursday morning, we wake early, Leslie’s birds are singing.



Time for coffee, then we split up. Al and Muyassar continue up to Machais ME for a workshop and performance. I head back to Lowell. We meet up again at Chailey Mansion.

Friday April 1 at Chailey Mansion, Newburyport MA
Stephanie Marie Germaine, Edward ‘Ted’ Sears Read, Victoria Shen, id m thffft able

Friday day family todos. Friday evening Mary Ann and I head over to Newburyport. Al and Muyassar have arrived, all the way back from the Canadian border. After dinner, music in the ‘ballroom.’

Edward ‘Ted’ Sears Read sets up.

id m thffft able and his shovel, sonic romance goes south.


Our setup.

Good sets from everyone, including Stephanie Marie Germaine and Victoria Shen.

Our set here.

We pack up, return to Lowell.

Saturday April 2 at Third Life Studios, Somerville MA

Muyassar and I head into Somerville for her workshop at Third Life. A mixed group, we work well together. It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in a movement workshop, I need to do this more!

Workshop circles up.

Muyassar and I follow Paul Kafka-Gibbons to his house. Paul was in the workshop. Al and Mary Ann meet us there. Paul rounds up the family, we order Indian food for dinner. From Paul’s house it’s only a couple of blocks to the church.

Saturday April 2 at Clarendon Hill Church, Somerville MA
Furlong Ingram Duo, Angela Sawyer

We convoy the couple of blocks to the church, load in, and move our cars to the safe lot around the corner. Somerville loves ticketing my car. We check in with Randy Winchester. We are playing in the church, it’s a great acoustic space, comes complete with a grand piano.

Angela waves, Randy smiles and Paul has his back to the camera


Our set here.

We head back to Lowell.

On Sunday morning we split up again. Muyassar and Al head south, Muyassar to Brooklyn and Al home to Chester NY.

Muyassar performs at the Silent Barn on Sunday and leads a workshop at Panoply Performance Lab on Monday.

Tuesday April 5 at Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA


Mel Bentley, flandrew fleisenberg, Gabi Losoncy, Jim Strong

On Tuesday I head south to pick up Al on Chester, then Al and I double back to pick up Muyassar in Newark. We hop on the NJ Turnpike bound for Philadelphia PA.

We arrive at Jack Wright’s Spring Garden Music House around 6pm. A bite to eat, off to the gig.




A good evening, good sets by flandrew & Jim, Gabi, Mel.

Our set here.

Wednesday April 6 at The Red Room, Baltimore MD


Jeff Carey, Paul Neidhardt


Al, Jack and I are up early. We drink espresso, eat granola, and chat. After breakfast we set up in the 3rd floor studio. Muyassar pokes her head in, heads out for a bagel, returns and joins in.


Our jam is here.

We pack up around noon, head south to Baltimore, arrive at Normal Books around 5pm and set up. After exploring the store, we walk through a gentrified neighborhood of brightly-colored houses to the deli for a sandwich. When we get back to the bookstore, I find my friends Pat, Jane and Emma. Jane & I hug, I spill beer all over myself and the floor. Guess we’re ready to rock’n roll 8^)))



Our set here, all of us together here.

We pack up around midnight, head south towards DC. Jeff says he lives 30min away, in the rain it takes 45min, it seems like hours. We’re all tucked in by 1:30am.

Thursday April 7 at Al’s House, Chester NY



We’re up fairly early, more espresso. It’s still pouring rain. We head out in search of the interstate. We circle for what-seems-like-hours through suburbia, eventually we connect with the interstate and head north. A couple of rest stops, a glimpse of NYC, we eventually land in Chester NY. It has stopped raining.

We enjoy a leisurely dinner with Muyassar, Al, Deb, Dan and Detta on the back porch, overlooking the valley. At dusk, as the bats circle in the backyard, we set up on the Dan and Detta’s side of the house.

Al’s painting.


A walk in the woods.

I forget to turn on the recorder, no recording.

Friday April 8 at 170 Main Street, Greenfield MA


Arthur Brook’s Ensemble, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Dave Gross


Our set here.

Saturday April 9 at Whitehaus, Jamaica Plain MA


Angela Sawyer, Stephanie Marie Germaine, Forbes Graham, Shereen Salem, Victoria Shen, Chris Strunk



track 01
track 02
track 03
track 04

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