AVSynth Phase 2


The lineup, left to right includes Jone’s Sync Stripper, SnazzyFX Ardcore. multiple, (2) Music Thing Mikrophonies, (2) ALM Pips, multiple, (2) IFM Fourses, IFM Denum, IFM Dunst, Jone’s MVIP.

Jone’s SS outputs Vertical Drive, I use it to “clock” the Ardcore. This means that Ardcore CV output “locks” to VD, seamlessly switching Bitswap & Mode on the Jone’s MVIP. Next up a pair of contact mics with preamps, they work nicely with PeterB’s IFM modules. Finally a pair of ALM Pip slope generators. The core of my Serge Moduar was the Dual Universal Slope Generator. Similar functionality in 4hp. Note: CV modules all have multiples, allows me to send the same CV signal to both Audio & Video modules.

All Ieaskul F Mobenthey modules, two Fourses interact to produce an amazing variety of sounds. Contact mic modules allow “touch control.” To the right IFM’s Denum and Dunst modules. There’s enough space in the rack for a complete collection of IFM modules, Swoop, Fourses, Sprott, Denum, and Dunst. Currently I output stereo from the two Fourses, left and right channels, and mono from the Denum.

Only one module, Jone’s Mini Video Image Processor, thanks Dave 8^)))

Block Diagram

There’s the AVSynth, bottom of the page, left of center. Currently, I use my Macbook Pro as input but, instead, i will use a Raspberry Pi for playback, which frees up the Macbook to record. The Raspberry Pi video output goes to the Jone’s SS, the audio goes directly to the mixer. Audio from the AVSynth and from my Boardweevil V2012 also go to the mixer. Video from Jone’s MVIP goes to a monitor and is “looped through” to the AV2HDMI converter. Audio from the mixer goes to speakers, left and right, and a second output goes to the AV2HDMI converter. The output of the convertor goes to my Macbook Pro.

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