AVSynth Phase 2


The lineup evolves. In response to feedback, I separate the (2) Music Thing Mikrophonies, replace ALM Pips with IFM Swoops, regroup them with Fourses. I drop the IFM Dunst.

I record a couple of videos –

I still use a Doepler 2x rack and A-119 Ext Input / Envelope Follower, 90% complete, it looks like this –


Here’s the patch –


Video in goes to a Jone’s Sync Stripper or SS, which passes the video signal through to the Jone’s Mini Video Image Processor or MVIP. Video Drive from the SS clocks a Snazzy FX Ardcore, which generates (2) trigger pulses that control IFM Swoop’s upper bounds, and a CV voltage that controls both MVIP Bitswap and Mode. A contact mic goes to the Doepfer A-119 Ext Input / Envelope Follower, this CV envelope, through a multiple, drives the Fourses’ oscillator 3 lower bounds, and MVIP Brightness. Swoop outputs, pass through multiples, drive Fourses’ bounce, and MVIP Hue 1 and Hue 2. Fourses oscillator 2 outs are cross-patched back into the Swoops bounce. Audio outputs L & R come from Fourses oscillator 4 outs. Video output from MVIP out.

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