AVSynth Phase 2

track 1

track 2

track 3

Tracks 1 and 2 are more or less explorations, track 3 is closer to being a coherent composition, however it ends abruptly as the camera battery runs out!

Still using the same video, recorded last year at Frantasia. Still using the same rack – video passes through the Jone’s Sync Stripper, the Vertical Drive output from the SS clocks the SnazzyFX Ardcore module and (2) IFM Swoop modules. Outputs from the Ardcore drive the (2) IFM Fourses and the Bitswap and Mode inputs on the Jone’s MVIP. Swoop outputs drive the Fourses and the Hue 1 and Hue 2 inputs on the MVIP. Finally, a Contact mic is input to the Doepfer Ext In / Envelope Generator, the envelope out drives the Fourses and the Brightness input on the MVIP.

The setup responds to the single contact mic, which is touch-sensitive. Next step is to install (2) Music Thing Mikrophonie modules, adding addition touch-control.

Here’s the patch –

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