AVSynth Phase 2

track 1

track 2

track 3

A new video, Chailey Mansion, and a new patch. Again tracks 1 and 2 are more about figuring out the patch, and track 3 is more of a composition, however it starts in the middle.

Getting there, the patch is a bit of a mess but has potential – a single contact mic, passes through the Doepfer Ext In and drives (2) Swoop modules and Brightness on the Jone’s MVIP. The Swoops are cross-patched, triangle wave out to bounce in. The square wave outputs are patched to the IFM Fourses bounce 1 in and lower bounds 4 in, and to the IFM Denum inserts in. Fourses outputs 2 go to the Denum multiply ins, Fourses outputs 3 drive Hue 1 and Hue 2 on the MVIP, and Fourses outputs 4 go to the audio mixer. The Denum outputs, left and right, also go to the audio mixer.

Video passes through the Jone’s Sync Stripper, the Vertical Drive output from the SS clocks the SnazzyFX Ardcore module. Outputs from the Ardcore drive the Bitswap and Mode inputs on the Jone’s MVIP. MVIP video out goes to the video monitor.

Here’s the patch –

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