AVSynth Phase 2

Jonas Bers: This is hypnotic. How is it patched? I can’t figure it out.

Walter Wright: (I send him the patch)


Jonas Bers: I thought vertical drive was a constant. Does it fluctuate?
This is such a crazy patch. I sort of understand, but not fully.

I remember we talked about parsing VD with the Ardcore — you were working on that at Signal Culture last time. I’ve learned a lot since then though. I have a better understanding of how a video signal works. Still though, I didn’t realize VD could make a useful CV source.

Walter Wright: Jonas, VD is constant. The Jones SS turns VD into a “trigger” that I use to “clock” the Ardcore, which outputs a random CV, actually a “controlled random” voltage similar to the Buchla “Source of Uncertainty.” This CV to the (2) Fourses and to the Bitswap and Mode inputs on the MVIP.

The contact mic to the Ext/In that drives the MVIP Gain is probably what you are seeing. Every now and then (i may to build some CV processors) you can see the (2) Swoops as horizontal bars running through the image.

I’m just getting to know the potential for CV programming using the Ardcore and IFM modules. I have a second Ardcore waiting to add to the rack.

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