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Fall Tour 2016: Day 17

September 30, 2016

We all sleep in. Room mates come and go, we finally get up, shower, Robby is still asleep when we take off ‘round noon. We head up I75 then west on I24 into Chattanooga, arrive early afternoon. We check in with Bryony Stroud-Watson at Southside Studio.

Bryony takes us on a tour of the studio, a live work space, and her parents apartment behind the studio. We wander about the immediate neighborhood, stop at the Mean Mug for coffee. We return to the studio meet David D Dunn, load in and set up. Al’s friend ??? arrives, dinner across the street at the Terminal Brewhouse.

20160930_falltour01Southside Studio

20160930_falltour05We’re in the paper!

20160930_falltour07Al’s friend

The lineup for tonite is –

Elka Bong

That’s right it’s just us, three sets. The first set is audio only, the second also audio only with David on bass clarinet, the third set is audio and video. Very enjoyable evening, the polar opposite of the Jacksonville noise show. David is a classically trained clarinetist, Bryony a violinist, they both teach and play professionally. Their interest in new music includes noise and improvisation and is the raison d’etre for the studio hosting musicians and sound artists.

Al records all three sets here, here and here.

We hang out after the show, talk with members of the audience including Ernie Paik from The Shaking Ray Levis Society. We pack up and turn in. I have the special spot, up a ladder and over the front door.

Painting #2760

September 30, 2016

painting #2760

Gigs September, 2016

September 30, 2016

Downtown First Thursday
September 1 on Middlesex Canal, Lowell MA
Sound Installation
Rick Breault – drone; Joe Brown – drone; Michael F Dailey Jr – in car vocals; Stephanie Marie Germaine – in car vocals, radio; Bill T Miller – drone; Edward Sears Read – drone; Walter Wright – drone, field recordings, AVSynth

September 1 at 110 Canal Gallery, Lowell MA
Video Installation
Lowell: Canals, Sockhop, Appleton Mills; 2012 (11min)
Lowell: Riverwalk; 2014 (12min)
Fall 2015; 2015 (12min)
AVSynth; 2016 (11min)

September 2 at The Hearing Room, Lowell MA
Christos Koulendros – all things analogue
Walter Wright – drums, percussion

September 4 at Third Life Studios, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!:
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Kristiana Hubley, Ofri Rieger, Andrea Rios – movement
John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound

September 13 at Hopewell Creative Arts Studio, Hopewell NJ
2 Wrights {don’t make a wrong!}:
Zach Darrup – guitar
Jack Wright – reeds
Walter Wright – AVSynth, audio only

Open Jam
September 14 at Spring Garden Music, Philadelphia PA
Ben Bennett – percussion
Zach Darrup – guitar
Jack Wright – reeds
Walter Wright – AVSynth

High Zero Festival of Improvised Music
September 15 at The Theatre Project, Baltimore MD
Group 4:
Eames Armstrong – electronics, movement
Jenny Moon Tucker – tenor, alto sax
Zachary Watkins – guitar
Walter Wright – AVSynth, audio & video

September 16 at The Theatre Project, Baltimore MD
Group 3:
Asimina Chremos – movement
Samuel Burt – daxophone, bass clarinet
Maria Usted – sound art
Noelle Tolbert – movement
Walter Wright – AVSynth, audio only

September 17 at The Theatre Project, Baltimore MD
Duo 4:
Bushmeat Sound System – electronics
Walter Wright – drums

Elka Bong Tour
Elka Bong:
Al Margolis – clarinet, viola, contact mics, objects
Walter Wright – drums, electronics, AVSynth

September 19 @ Art Rat Studios, Roanoke VA
September 20 @ Black Iris Gallery, Richmond VA
September 21 @ Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC
September 22 @ Tua Lingua, N Charleston SC
September 23 @ Superfun, Gainesville FL
September 24 @ Rain Dogs, Jacksonville FL
September 27 @ Audiotheque, Miami Beach FL
September 28 @ The Bunker, Tampa Bay FL
September 29 @ Eyedrum, Atlanta GA
September 30 @ Southside Studio, Chattanooga TN

Fall Tour 2016: Day 16

September 29, 2016

Up early, before Pia and Colby, long drive today, I275 to I75 all the way to Atlanta GA. Cooler, raining on and off, we pass Gainesville, over the border into Georgia. We arrive early at Eyedrum, around 5pm. It’s locked up, hang out until Robby Kee arrives, load in, set up, ready to go.


20160929_falltour02Big Rosie’s


The lineup for tonite is –

Meredith Kooi – electronics, voice, movement
??? – drums
Bradley Bailey – guitar
Elka Bong


20160929_falltour06Meredith and her drummer

20160929_falltour09180 degrees, our setup

20160929_falltour13Elka Bong with video

20160929_falltour14AVSynth patch, sounding good!

20160929_patchAVsynth patch

And, we have a sound recording here.

An interesting evening, quite the space. Meredith and the drummer, who’s name I forget, create a varied, expansive soundscape. Bradley coaxes a cloud of overtones from his acoustic guitar. Elka Bong moves up a level, from the audiences point of view, we are both playing together and together we control the video. Specifically, my patch and my familiarity with it, has evolved to the point that I can follow Al. As the patch diagram indicates, I’m distributing the output of the Ext/In and the contact mic, touch-control, to (4) inputs on the (2) Fourses modules and to the Gain input on the MVIP. The (2) Swoops control the Denum’s VCAs, left and right, as well as (2) Hue inputs on the MVIP. Sound and image change simultaneously. Carefully monitoring the CV inputs on the Fourses and the MVIP, plus some ‘knob-twiddling’ allows me just enough control to compose in real-time. It also indicates the potential for expanding the range of sounds and image effects with additional touch control.

After the show, pack up, load out, then hang out for awhile as Robby closes up. We follow Robby back to his house, in bed by 1am, a long day.

Painting #2759

September 29, 2016

painting #2759

Fall Tour 2016: Day 15

September 28, 2016

We leave Al’s parents’ house at 12 noon, hop on I95 N to Rte 60 W. We pass citrus farm afetr citrus farm, we pass on Jimmy’s Truck Stop Gator Nuggets, late lunch at an Italian restaurant in Wales Lake.


We arrive at The Bunker, our venue, ‘round 6pm, coffee. Chris Nadeau arrives, load in, set up, lineup as follows –

Fishwife – solo voice, electronics
Elka Bong

20160928_falltour03The Bunker




Small coffee shop, small crowd, Katy aka Fishwife leads off, nice set. We’re next, no screen or empty wall space, audio only. Probably our best set so far, more and more sounds coming out of the AVSynth, an upgraded patch. Chris’s band play last, energetic art punk. Mixed genres, works well. Seems there is a scene in Tampa. We pack up, load out, then hang out for awhile. Al sells some merch, more questions about the AVSynth, audio only!

Our set is here.

We head over to Pia’s house for the night, hang out for a bit listening to music with her partner Colby. Long drive tomorrow, we turn in around midnight.

Painting #2758

September 28, 2016

painting #2758

Fall Tour 2016: Day 15

September 27, 2016

Still at Al’s parents’ house, early breakfast, debate recycles endlessly on MSNBC, our last day. We hide out on the porch, leave for our gig ‘round 2:30pm, down I95 S all the way to Miami Beach, to South Florida Art Center, our venue Audiotheque is on the second floor, Gustavo Matamoros meets us at the back door, we load in, setup, run our sound check. Rat Bastard arrives, sets up, run his sound check. Thollem McDonas joins us, we head over to Cafe’ at Books & Books, Angela C Villa joins us for ‘happy hour,’ craft beer $4, dinner specials $7. Good food, good beer, good conversation. We head back to the venue.



20160927_falltour07Gustavo, Al and Rat Bastard

20160927_falltour13Angela and Thollem

The lineup for tonight –

Rat Bastard – electronics
Elka Bong


Gustavo’s room is fairly small, as a result 20+ people is a full house, Rat Bastard leads off, electronica, basically a DJ set with a little noise thrown in, retro, very listenable. We’re up. I have figured out the patch kick the sound with contact mic. The sound is now working more closely with the video. We finish the set, short Q&A, then Thollem asks us to play an audio only set. We finish the audio only set, more Q&A. There’s quite a bit of interest in the AVSynth as instrument and as a concept. Glad I went out on tour, learning a lot more about the AVSynth as an instrument and, perhaps more importantly, people’s perception of the complete presentation, audio and video.

Al records both sets, here, and here.

We pack up, load out, back to Al’s parents’ house, in bed by 12 midnight.

Painting #2757

September 27, 2016

painting #2757

Fall Tour 2016: Day 14

September 26, 2016

I update my blog, edit and post sound files, post videos, answer email. No gig tonight, day off 8^)))