Fall Tour 2016: Day 1

Tonite I play with Zach Darrup and Jack Wright at Hopewell Creative Arts Studio, Hopewell NJ.


Mary Ann is off to work early, I pick up my rental car, clean up the house, pay some bills, and pack up. I decide to bring only the AVSynth and one contact mic; no Boardweevil, drums, or miscellaneous objects. Still, all the gear completely fills the trunk of the car.

I’m on the road by 1pm, out I495 shortcut thru Worcester on I290 to I90, then down I84 through New Haven, to I87. So far the traffic is normal, a little slow through New Haven, some construction on the way to NY, but no backups. Now it’s I287, the ring road around greater NYC. It’s going well until I turn off on NJ206, from here to Hopewell it super suburbia, poor signage, and getting dark. I arrive at the venue with minutes to spare, setup quickly, and into the first set.

20160913_falltour0244 mpg average 8^)))

This is the first time, on-the-road, for the AVSynth, tonight audio only.

Here’s the lineup –

2 Wrights {don’t make a wrong!}:
Zach Darrup – guitar
Jack Wright – reeds
Walter Wright – electronics, drums, percussion

20160913_falltour05 Zach & Jack

We play the first set as a trio, followed by short solos sets, and a final set as a trio. An audience member remarks that Jack sound like a ‘lion,’ a second audience member thinks he sounds more like an ‘elephant.’ Several people come to look over the AVSynth, marvel at the flashing lights, and compliment me by saying that ‘it sounds nothing like what they were expecting!’

Here are a couple of videos –

After the show we head down I95 to Philadelphia, to Jacks’ Spring Garden Music House.

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