Fall Tour 2016: Day 2

Stop over in Philly at Jack’s, I have the 3rd floor studio.



For breakfast Jack makes espresso, Zach makes an omelette. After breakfast, Jack heads out to Trader Joe’s. I check email, update the blog, drag my gear up to the studio, set up. Jack is expecting some people to show up in the afternoon. I check out a minimal patch using only a contact mic, (2) Swoops, and (2) Fourses. There’re a lot of sounds available using just (4) modules (and the mixer).


Ben Bennett shows up at 5pm, we hang in the kitchen for awhile, drink beer, then play for an hour or so in the studio. It’s a challenge. I have enough sounds available but no way to jump around fast enough to keep up with Zach and Ben, and to go silent. I’m thinking this is due to a couple of things. First, touch-sensitive control, I have only (1) contact mic, and second I need some VCAs. These are the obvious next steps in developing the AVSynth. Tomorrow I get to include video. We’ll see how that goes!

Ben and Jack take off around 8pm. I return to the studio, experiment with the patch.

It sounds like this.

It’s very hot and muggy, Zach and I turn in around 10pm.

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