Fall Tour 2016: Day 3

Pack up, leave Philly, head down I95 to Baltimore. It’s cooled off, a nice day.


I detour around Baltimore on I695, come in on I83 to the 28th Street exit. I arrive at Meg Rorison’s house, it’s on the east edge of Charles Village off 28th Street. Much easier than the route suggested by Google.

I unload my personal gear, chat with Meg, then drive down to The Theatre Project, and check in at HIgh Zero. Jeff Carey is there, Andrew Bernstein is there, Bonnie Jones is there, Paul Neidhardt is there, and lot’s people who I don’t know, yet. I get an ID card, free pass and dinner. I unload, set up, then store my table behind the curtain behind the stage.



Dinner with Bonnie Jones, Maia Urstad, Marta Zipparoli. Back to the theater, tonight’s lineup –

Maia Urstad – solo field recordings, electronics
Laura Ortman – violin, electronics
Marshall Trammell – percussion
Nonoko Yoshida – sax
Tom Boram – modular synth
Asimina Chremos – movement, video
Anne-F Jaques – motors, objects
Marta Zipparoli – reel-to-reel tape recorders
John Berndt – clarinet, ???
Jeff Carey – laptop, DIY interface
Ruby Fulton – trumpet, violin
Liew Niyomkarn – electronics, objects
Eames Armstrong – electronics, movement, performance
Jenny Moon Tucker – saxophones, electronics
Zachary Warren – guitar, electronics
Walter Wright – AVSynth

A long night, our set started close to midnight. Maia’s solo is a great opener. The first set with Nonoko, Laura and Marshall is full of energy. The second has some nice contrasts between the sustained sounds of Anne-F and Marta, as opposed to Tom’s furtiveness, and Asimina is, as usual, in control of the space. She projects video of her performance fro High Zero 2007 on the curtain behind the stage, on the ceiling and walls of the theater, on herself. The third set features John’s unusual instrument, it appears to be small, tuned slats of wood set into a large wood base, the slats are struck and the sound looped. It is a good contrast to Jeff’s all-over-the-place sounds. Ruby adds cohesion, and Liew reinforces Jeff. Our set, the fourth set, is loud. Zachary and I have similar sounds, Eames roams the stage while Jenny provides cohesion, and there’s video.





I arrive back at Meg’s at 1am, circle to find a parking spot, then crash.

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