Fall Tour 2016: Day 4

I’m up early, coffee with Meg, then spend the morning on administrivia including email, importing photos, updating the the blog. After lunch, I retrieve the car, park it close by, then walk over to the Baltimore Museum of Art. I toured through the Sculpture Garden, then Contemporary Art exhibition. A really nice museum, free, with unfamiliar pieces by familiar artists, a not-so-drippy Jackson Pollack, a 24’ long Robert Motherwell, a painted wood David Smith, an integrated-into-the-architecture Dan Flavin. Take the long way home, pack up, drive down to The Theatre Project.






Dinner with Asimina Chremos, Julius Masri. Back to the theater, tonight’s lineup –

Laura Ortman – solo violin, electronics
CK Barlow – electronics
Jeff Carey – laptop, DIY controller
Layne Garrett – guitar, objects
Rosie Langabeer – prepared pianos
Nonoko Yoshida – saxophone
Julius Masri – drums
Jimmy Joe Roche – modular synth
Marshall Trammell – drums
Samuel Burt – bass clarinet, daxophone
Asimina Chremos – movement
Maia Urstad – soundscapes
Noelle Tolbert – movement
Walter Wright – AVSynth
Owen Gardner – guitar
Julius Masri – keyboard, oud, percussion
Hanna Olivegren – voice
Thomas Stanley – electronics, hang drum
Zachary Watkins – guitar, electronics

High Zero, in its 18th year, is all ‘it’s cracked up to be.’ Twelve invited artists from greater Baltimore and twelve artists from outside greater Baltimore, from around the world are invited. Evenings begin with a solo followed by four sets, each a mix of artists who, as a group, have never played together before. Each set is 30-40min, with 20min between sets 2, 3, and 4 for setup. The quality of the performances is very high, the audience is enthusiastic and patient, and there’s a bar in the lobby.

The evening opens with a solo by Laura. The first group set includes CK, Jeff, Layne, Rosie and Nonoko. There’s a great variety of sound from this group, which includes two electronics musicians, two prepared, upright pianos, saxophone, and one prepared guitar. Credit to the musicians and Natasha, the sound engineer, I can hear everyone. The second set includes two drummers Julius and Marshall with Jimmy Joe on modular synth. This is a very loud set, Marshall hammers his kit half way across the stage. My set, the third set, a good contrast to the previous set includes Samuel, Maia, myself and two dancers, Asimina and Noelle. Maia provides a wash of sampled sound, I support her, audio only, and Samuel rides the wave. Asimina and Noelle own the space, very happy with this set. Set four includes Owen, Julius, Hanna, Thomas and Zachary. Two guitars, percussion and voice, Hanna and Julius work well together, keyboard and voice, the guitars sometimes scratch sometimes sustained move in and out of the mix, Thomas adds percussion.


20160916_falltour22Nonoko, Jeff and Rosie

20160916_falltour25Rosie Langabeer

20160916_falltour26Prepared piano

I arrive back at Meg’s at 1am, find a parking spot close by, then crash.


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