Fall Tour 2016: Day 5

I’m up early, coffee with Sue, quick update to the blog, head downtown at 11am. I’m in the afternoon lineup, all duos –

Noelle Tolbert – movement
Zachary Watkins – guitar, electronics
CK Barlow – samples, iPad
Ruby Fulton – trumpet, violin
Jimmy Joe Roche – modular synth
Jenny Moon Tucker – saxophones
Thomas Stanley – electronics
Walter Wright – drums
Tom Boran – modular synth, video performance
Eames Armstrong – electronics, performance
Samuel Burt – daxophone
Layne Garrett – prepared guitar


20160917_falltour05Setting up

20160917_falltour10Jimmy Joe Roche’s modular

20160917_falltour16Dr Thomas Stanley

20160917_falltour15My kit

20160917_falltour19Tom’s modular

20160917_falltour20Eames and Tom, on the monitor

Dinner with Asimina Chremos, Rob Kopki. Back to the theater, tonight’s lineup –

Nonoko Yoshida – solo saxophone
Owen Gardner – cello
Anne-F Jaques – motors, objects, contact mics
Laura Ortman – violin
Rosie Langabeer – prepared pianos
Eames Armstrong – electronics, performance, pomegranate
John Berndt – saxophones, electronics
Jimmy Joe Roche – voice, modular synth, performance, basketball
Maia Urstad – soundscapes
Liew Niyamkarn – electronics, objects
Hanna Olivegren – voice
Noelle Tolbert – movement
Jeff Carey – laptop, DIY controller, strobe lights
Marshall Trammell – drums
Jenny Moon Tucker – saxophones
Marta Zapparoli – tape recorders

The night begins with a solo, interesting discussion about solo improvisation with a fellow audience member, Nonoko’s solo seems a little of both improvised and precomposed, it is nonetheless very enjoyable. Set 1 includes Anne-F, Owen, Laura and Rosie. Anne-F and Laura are both amplified, Laura’s amp is onstage. Owen plays behind, underneath and not-too-loud. Rosie’s prepared piano is often lost in the mix. A good set, however, as noted, some of the detail was lost. Set 2 has the potential to escalate into chaos, it includes Eames, John, Jimmy Joe and Maia. Jimmy Joe has been tuning up for hours. John sets up on a mirror that reflects the stage light back up onto the scrim, he is playing saxophones tonight. Jimmy Joe is wearing ‘distressed’ makeup, someone tosses him a basketball that he stuffs under his shirt. Eames and Maia seem stoic. The set progresses, Maia, again, provides sonic underpinning, John provides accents, Eames is again roaming, then Jimmy Joe retrieves the basketball, driibbles center stage. Eames produces a pomegranate, joins Jimmy Joe, they play catch. The basketball wins, the pomegranate lies splattered stage left, the sound peaks, the performance resolves, the performers come back down to earth, well done! Set 3 with Liew, Hanna and Noelle is a nice contrast, Noelle echos the high energy of the previous set as she criss-crosses the floor. The contrast between Liew’s found-object-samples and Hanna’s voice evoke feelings that play well with Noelle’s movement. Set 4 comes with a warning, there will be strobe lights, many strobe lights, 4 banks of strobe lights. The set includes Jeff, Marshall, Jenny Moon and Marta. The strobes are Jeff’s, a bank downstage aimed back at the performers, 2 banks stage left and right aimed at the back scrim, 1 bank behind the performers aimed directly at the audience. The set begin in complete darkness and silence, the strobes behind the performers light up for perhaps 30sec, the sound hits a full-volume, Jeff and Marshall are quite loud, Jenny Moon is hanging in there, playing both saxophones simultaneously helps, Marta is often buried. However the sound and lights vary in amplitude, building and ebbing, tension and release. The side banks of strobe light produce some fascinating images on the back scrim, ‘cubism’ in real-time as we see the performers silhouettes from multiple viewpoints. This is a loud set, not a set a that invites one into the performance space but instead seems to extend that space out in the theater, it’s confrontational, a challenging conclusion to the evening and the three days of programming …

20160917_falltour23Noelle, Eames, ???, Jeff, John, Natasha, Maia

20160917_falltour24Maia and Hanna

20160917_falltour25Liew and Noelle

There’s a after party, with free beer and DJs. No more sets so I pack up, back to Meg’s at 2am, find a parking spot, load in, exhausted.

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