Fall Tour 2016: Day 6

John Berndt hosts an afternoon BBQ for performers at his new house, it’s gorgeous, a backyard with big trees, slate walks, lush ground cover. The food is incredible and we get to hang out with our fellow artists for a few hours away from the theater.





However all good things must come to an end, I head back to Meg’s, Al arrives around 6pm, we head down to the theater. Tonights lineup includes –

Thomas Stanley – solo electronics, samples
Asimina Chremos – movement
Marta Zapparoli – tape recorders
Julius Masri – drums, keyboard
Liew Niyomkarn – electronics, samples
Hanna Olivegren – voice
Samuel Burt – daxophone, bass clarinet
Layne Garrett – prepared guitar
Ruby Fulton – trumpet, violin, delay
Tom Boran – modular synth
Owen Gardner – cello
Anne-F Jaques – motors, objects, contact mics
Rosie Langabeer – prepared pianos

20160918_falltour16Thomas Stanley

20160918_falltour23Asimina and Marta

20160918_falltour26Julius, Hanna and Liew

20160918_falltour37Sanuel, Layne and Ruby

20160918_falltour44Tom, Owen, Anne-F and Rosie


It’s all over, early at 12 midnight, back to Meg’s, out like a light.

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