Fall Tour 2016: Day 7

Fall Tour 2016: Day 7

Return rental car, great deal, pack up, say goodbye to Meg, I83 to I695 to I70, to Rte 340 to Rte 7 to I81 all the way down to Roanoke, play at Art Rat Studios

Up early, Sue off to work, Meg asleep, Al and I drink coffee then off to return my rental car, 6 days $150 thank-you Enterprise. Back to Meg’s, she’s up, more coffee. We manage to squeeze everything in Al’s car, some overflow onto the back seat but not ceiling high, we’re good for the road. How to get around DC without losing too much time, we take I83 out to I695 jog north to I70 W to Frederick MD. We turn south at Frederick on Rte 340 down to Harpers Ferry, across into West Virginia, into Virginia avoiding DC by miles. Not much traffic, no backups, right on Rte 7 to Winchester VA where we pick up I81 S. It’s a straight shot down to Roanoke, Blue Ridge Mts on the left, Appalachians on the right. We arrive in Roanoke at 5pm, navigate to the Industrial complex and Art Rat Studios.

Ralph shows up around 5:30pm, load in, minimal setup, downtown to Alejandro’s Mexican restaurant for a huge beer and some Tampico Tacos, back to the studio. Sid and Jules arrive, big hug from Sid, we finish setting up.

Lineup incudes –

Olchar E. Lindsann – poetry, performance
Stool Samples:
Jules Vasylenko – bamboozle, tenor sax
Ralph Eaton, Jim Leftwich, ???. ??? – stools
Walter Wright – found percussion (sitting in)
Elka Bong

20160919_falltour03Al Rat


20160919_falltour08Al, Tom, Olchar and Jules

Olchar leads off with a ‘profanity poem,’ a couple of sound poems, frothing at the mouth, altogether engaging. Next up the Stool Samples featuring Jules. The FB events pages list Jules as, “Shell-shocked shaman Jules on alto/bamboo sax. Expect chthonic eruption, spontaneous combustion and hi/lo art contradiction, with some noise corruption. All this and split-reed spectral soup!” Pretty accurate description, joining Jules on ’stools’ are Ralph, Jim, and a couple more. I sit in on found percussion. Our turn, I’m projecting on the ‘fuzzy kudzu’ suspended from the ceiling. This is our first set of the tour and, as the first set, it turns out reasonably well, sound balance is good, audio and video synced up. I manage to coax, the very least, a variety of sounds from the AVSynth, enough to work 8^)))

Show over 10pm, Ralph has work tomorrow, pack up, chat for a bit, back to Ralph’s by 11pm and off to bed.

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