Fall Tour 2016: Day 8

I sleep ’til 9am, finally catching up, Al and Ralph are already on their second, or third, cup of coffee, Ralph heads in to work at Taubmann Museum, installing a new exhibition. I work for a couple hours updating blog entries, no internet, no hope of posting. This may be a good thing! By noon we’re ready to leave –


Navigate through Roanoke to Rte 460 E, through Lynchburg to Appomattox where we stop at Granny Bee’s for lunch. Continue on Rte 460 to 360 to the ring road and up to Broad Street. Down Broad Street through the west end and into the city, VCU keeps expanding, seems to occupy blocks and blocks. We pass the makings of a new Institute of Contemporary Art, also VCU. Across Belvedere to The Black Iris Gallery, load in, set up. Benjamin Thorp gives a tour. Tommy shows up, we go for dinner, return to find Pam Turner with several students from Kinetic Imaging waiting 8^)))

Lineup for tonight –

Ting Ting Jahe:
Tommy Birchett – laptop, video
Will O’Donavan – Boardweevil, electronics
Ben Scott – laptop
Elka Bong


20160920_falltour03Black Iris Gallery

20160920_falltour06Walter’s setup

20160920_falltour07Al’s setup

20160920_falltour08The gallery

Ting Ting Jahe, a chewy ginger candy, lead off. Good set, interesting textures, a touch of Boardweevil, and with video on a nice industrial-looking cube monitor. Tonight I set up stage right, project across to the left side wall, swapping video cables I get a good clear image, at least clearer than projecting on ‘fuzzy kudzu,’ allows me to work on the video processing. A good set, and I remember to turn on the recorder, sound file here.

I ask if there are any questions, there are, so I spent some time explaining the AVSynth, a couple of people actually sit down and experiment. We pack up, the curator, Benjamin Thorpe, writes us a very nice note, “Al and Walter, you were amazing! Thank you for creating such beauty in a world so full of undoing. You’re part of our extended family now and that extends to your friends.“ Tommy, Will, David, Al and I have a beer in the ’Tiny Bar.” We follow Tommy to his house, we have the studio for the night.

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