Fall Tour 2016: Day 9

Up relatively early, Tommy makes us breakfast, hit the road around 10am, I64 E to I95 S to I85 S. It rains off and on, we arrive in Chapel Hill to discover that NC has no gas, or almost no gas. After some research we find an active station, fill up. Bryce takes us out for BBQ, we stop by his house on Bynum Hill next door to folk artist Cyrus Jones.



20160921_falltour07Cyrus Jones, folk artist, Bynum Hill NC

Back to venue, load in, set up, here’s the line up –

Spool Ensemble:
Michael Thomas Jackson – clarinet
Aaron Matthew Bachelder – amplified drums
Karl Raymar – electronics, strobe lights, fog machine
Elka Bong

20160921_falltour20Night Light, Chapel Hill NC

20160921_falltour21Al and Bryce

20160921_falltour27Yep, that’s us!

20160921_falltour29Spool Ensemble

20160921_falltour30Karl Raymar

Same setup as last night, stage right, projecting across to the left wall, tonight we have ‘amplification.” Getting more sounds out of the AVSynth and the video is improving, the audience, all be it small, is enthused. So, on-the-road, gig after gig with the AVSynth, I’m beginning to understand its strengths and weaknesses, learning what works and what doesn’t. There will be a video and I remember to hit record.

The sound file is here.

I have too much equipment, takes 30min to pack up, then off to the hotel Bryce has booked for us, his house is full of animals, real animals including a sick chicken. Work on the computer ’til 1am, crash.

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