Fall Tour 2016: Day 10

I sleep ’til 10am, whoa, we check out, breakfast at Cracker Barrel then onto Rte 40 E to I95 S to I26 E to Goose Creek. We drive to our host, Nathan Petro’s house. Nathan is still at work, we hang out in the backyard, visit the turtles.


20160922_falltour03Nathan’s backyard

Nathan arrives, dinner then off to the Tua Linga, Nathan’s art space in N Charleston. Tonights lineup –

a noise guy
a noise guy
Elka Bong

20160922_falltour05Tua Lingua, N Charleston, Georgia

20160922_falltour09Our setup

20160922_falltour10Noise guy 1

20160922_falltour11Noise guy 2


Noise guy 1, hardcore using mic into his amp that is contact miced and feeds back into the mixer. Noise guy 2 is leaning towards electronica, there are beats. Electronica guy is all beats. All three are young, they play enthusiastically. We’re up, same setup as the past 2 nights, this time I project into a corner of the room, getting used to the setup, to the AVSynth, I’m able to access a greater variety of sounds, as a result another good set!

Al remembers to hit record, our set is here.

The set list mirrors the audience which include mostly young people, looking for something new, different, and a few older people who have been doing this for some time. Nathan’s space is community art space, something like 119 Gallery, a place for artists to gather, share their work and see new work. After our set another question and answer period, several people interested in the AVSynth. We pack up, hang out with Nathan, talk about art, advocacy, funding, the whole DIY scene. After everyone clears out, load out, back to Nathan’s for the night.

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