Fall Tour 2016: Day 11

Up early, well sort of, shower, coffee, on the road by 10:30am. Backtrack on I26 W to I95 S to Jacksonville, then I10 W to Rte 301 to Gainesville. It’s 90+ and muggy, very Florida, late afternoon, we arrive at Jill Burton’s, get settled then walk a couple of blocks to an Asian restaurant on a small lake. We sit by a window overlooking the water, no ‘gators but a heron-like bird, possibly an Anhinga, is fishing. After dinner, back to Jill’s then on to the venue, “Superfun,” downtown Gainesville. Not air-conditioned but open to the outside, our host Andrew Chadwick opens a tab at the pub next door, we sit outside at a picnic table drinking our beer. Guess who shows up, Hal McGee 8^)))


Tonight’s lineup –

Frog – video
Propan: [Oslo Norway]
Natali Abrahamsen Garner & Ina Sagstuen – voice, electronics
Golden Retriever: [Oslo Norway]
Morten Minothi Kristiansen – guitar, electronics, laptop, video
Brage Tormaenen – drums, electronics
Elka Bong
Jill Burton – solo voice [Gainesville FL]
SunMoonStar – solo electronica

20160923_falltour04Jill’s backyard

20160923_falltour09Superfun, Gainesville FL


20160923_falltour11Hal and Al


20160923_falltour15Propan, Olso Norway

20160923_falltour17Golden Retriever, Oslo Norway

20160923_falltour18Jill Burton, Gainesville FL

20160923_falltour19SunMoonStar, Gainesville FL

Hal has been here for 25 yrs, he no longer produces shows but the “noise scene” is well established. Frog opens with a video promo for the evening followed by some video poetry, well done! Propan, Natali and Ina from Norway are up next, vocal gymnasts, augmented with minimal electronics, they produce some striking sounds, rhythms. I enjoy the set, a lot. On their heels, Golden Retriever, Morten on guitar, laptop and video, Brage on drums and electronics, also from Norway. Our set next, we’re loosening up, a little louder, a little tighter, a little more fluid. I’m still not getting the full-range of sound but I’m finding some interesting contrasts and some matches for Al’s sounds. We are developing as a duo. Back to vocals, Jill’s set is outstanding, I enjoy her passive-aggressive approach coupled with her sense of humor. The final set by SunMoonStar, a DJ set, is subtle, unpretentious, outstanding. Her breaks remind me of Andrea Parkins, no not that one, the English DJ.

Recording of our set here, and a video as well, thanks Andrew 8^)))

Hal left early, before our set, Andrew, Jill, Al and I hang out for awhile then head back to Jill’s. We pick up some beer at the 7-Eleven and chat ’til 1am in Jill’s hideaway.

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