Fall Tour 2016: Day 12

Jill makes French Toast for breakfast, late breakfast. We head over to Hal McGee’s ‘round 3pm for a late lunch, early dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant, back to his place for a cup of coffee then off to Jacksonville for Complete Confusion Fest Day 2.

20160924_falltour01Hal McGee and all his tapes

Here’s the set list –

  7:30 – Laghima
  7:45 – Ag Davis
  8:00 – Tyler Grimmel
  8:15 – Hell Garbage
  8:30 – Ironing
  9:00 – Fivers Stereo
  9:15 – Vasectomy Party
  9:30 – Virgin Flower
  9:45 – Negative Graves
10:00 – Novasak
10:15 – Golden Retriever
10:30 – Human Fluid Rot
10:45 – Propan
11:00 – Elka Bong
11:15 – Cave Moth

20160924_falltour02Rain Dogs

20160924_falltour03Complete Confusion Fest

20160924_falltour06Ironing aka Andrew Chadwick

20160924_falltour07The Goldfish

20160924_falltour08Golden Retriever


We arrive at the venue, Rain Dogs, have beer, tour around the block and a half arts district. There are 15 acts, we won’t be loading in until 10pm, so time to enjoy the show, variety, from hardcore noise to dance music. Sets I enjoyed included Alex Chadwick’s DJ set, Ironing, RRRon would have liked this one; the Goldfish was great, I didn’t get his name; Golden Retriever; Propan; and Elka Bong, no video given limited space and setup time. Classic noise show, altogether fun!

Recording of our set here.

We pack up, load out ‘round 1am, drive back to Jill’s, in bed at 2:30am, long day!

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