Fall Tour 2016: Day 15

Still at Al’s parents’ house, early breakfast, debate recycles endlessly on MSNBC, our last day. We hide out on the porch, leave for our gig ‘round 2:30pm, down I95 S all the way to Miami Beach, to South Florida Art Center, our venue Audiotheque is on the second floor, Gustavo Matamoros meets us at the back door, we load in, setup, run our sound check. Rat Bastard arrives, sets up, run his sound check. Thollem McDonas joins us, we head over to Cafe’ at Books & Books, Angela C Villa joins us for ‘happy hour,’ craft beer $4, dinner specials $7. Good food, good beer, good conversation. We head back to the venue.



20160927_falltour07Gustavo, Al and Rat Bastard

20160927_falltour13Angela and Thollem

The lineup for tonight –

Rat Bastard – electronics
Elka Bong


Gustavo’s room is fairly small, as a result 20+ people is a full house, Rat Bastard leads off, electronica, basically a DJ set with a little noise thrown in, retro, very listenable. We’re up. I have figured out the patch kick the sound with contact mic. The sound is now working more closely with the video. We finish the set, short Q&A, then Thollem asks us to play an audio only set. We finish the audio only set, more Q&A. There’s quite a bit of interest in the AVSynth as instrument and as a concept. Glad I went out on tour, learning a lot more about the AVSynth as an instrument and, perhaps more importantly, people’s perception of the complete presentation, audio and video.

Al records both sets, here, and here.

We pack up, load out, back to Al’s parents’ house, in bed by 12 midnight.

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