Fall Tour 2016: Day 16

Up early, before Pia and Colby, long drive today, I275 to I75 all the way to Atlanta GA. Cooler, raining on and off, we pass Gainesville, over the border into Georgia. We arrive early at Eyedrum, around 5pm. It’s locked up, hang out until Robby Kee arrives, load in, set up, ready to go.


20160929_falltour02Big Rosie’s


The lineup for tonite is –

Meredith Kooi – electronics, voice, movement
??? – drums
Bradley Bailey – guitar
Elka Bong


20160929_falltour06Meredith and her drummer

20160929_falltour09180 degrees, our setup

20160929_falltour13Elka Bong with video

20160929_falltour14AVSynth patch, sounding good!

20160929_patchAVsynth patch

And, we have a sound recording here.

An interesting evening, quite the space. Meredith and the drummer, who’s name I forget, create a varied, expansive soundscape. Bradley coaxes a cloud of overtones from his acoustic guitar. Elka Bong moves up a level, from the audiences point of view, we are both playing together and together we control the video. Specifically, my patch and my familiarity with it, has evolved to the point that I can follow Al. As the patch diagram indicates, I’m distributing the output of the Ext/In and the contact mic, touch-control, to (4) inputs on the (2) Fourses modules and to the Gain input on the MVIP. The (2) Swoops control the Denum’s VCAs, left and right, as well as (2) Hue inputs on the MVIP. Sound and image change simultaneously. Carefully monitoring the CV inputs on the Fourses and the MVIP, plus some ‘knob-twiddling’ allows me just enough control to compose in real-time. It also indicates the potential for expanding the range of sounds and image effects with additional touch control.

After the show, pack up, load out, then hang out for awhile as Robby closes up. We follow Robby back to his house, in bed by 1am, a long day.

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