Fall Tour 2016: Day 17

We all sleep in. Room mates come and go, we finally get up, shower, Robby is still asleep when we take off ‘round noon. We head up I75 then west on I24 into Chattanooga, arrive early afternoon. We check in with Bryony Stroud-Watson at Southside Studio.

Bryony takes us on a tour of the studio, a live work space, and her parents apartment behind the studio. We wander about the immediate neighborhood, stop at the Mean Mug for coffee. We return to the studio meet David D Dunn, load in and set up. Al’s friend ??? arrives, dinner across the street at the Terminal Brewhouse.

20160930_falltour01Southside Studio

20160930_falltour05We’re in the paper!

20160930_falltour07Al’s friend

The lineup for tonite is –

Elka Bong

That’s right it’s just us, three sets. The first set is audio only, the second also audio only with David on bass clarinet, the third set is audio and video. Very enjoyable evening, the polar opposite of the Jacksonville noise show. David is a classically trained clarinetist, Bryony a violinist, they both teach and play professionally. Their interest in new music includes noise and improvisation and is the raison d’etre for the studio hosting musicians and sound artists.

Al records all three sets here, here and here.

We hang out after the show, talk with members of the audience including Ernie Paik from The Shaking Ray Levis Society. We pack up and turn in. I have the special spot, up a ladder and over the front door.

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